Theory of screentime

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by goodnice 2.0, Jun 26, 2021.

  1. Some days, the screen time kills me. I feel completely drained but on 12 hour editing days I feel fine. I think for me it's about what I'm doing on the screen as opposed to the amount of time. If all I'm doing is commenting on youtube, reading articles and things that dont require me to really think then it affects me a lot.
  2. The very idea of screen time was probably started by someone who doesn't understand the layers of the technology. You have the software and the hardware, and the hardware varies as far as the flicker and refresh rate, some people have more of an issue with that. The algorithms for sites esp. social media obviously makes a difference. And if you want to talk about time, the second word of your post is a unit of time - the day is a natural cycle at that rather than an arbitrarily defined thing like hours and minutes. All these factor interacts. The whole "X is bad for me" idea is too simplistic when it's a composite of different things.

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