They don't want us to win.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. Every time you ejaculate, you usually are drained, right? physically/mentally exhausted after the action right? That alone should be evidence enough on why fapping isn't healthy. What's healthy is sex, that's where we men are hardwired for.

    How can fapping be HEALTHY if it really drains you? It doesn't make sense. That's enough evidence for me.

    Media, etc has a huge impact on how society sees porn/masturbation, but bottom line - you need to listen to your own body and see how it really impacts you. YOU, not the media or society, know what is best for you.

    Almost every time I fap, I get physically drained. So that tells me that it's not healthy. It's that simple.
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  2. Sosuke Aizen

    Sosuke Aizen Fapstronaut

    Well aren't you guys woke.
  3. red gyarados

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    Tell them that if they want to prove the benefits of jerking you off they should demonstrate by giving you an HJ. That should shut em up.
  4. Benedicti

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    And who does not feel dirty as well? That's why S. Thomas Aquinas refers to masturbation as the sin of the "unclearness". This "know yourself" bullshit to defend masturbation is a TRAP and this freaking lie destroyed lives of people who now are addicted.

    Don't listen to the media.
  5. red gyarados

    red gyarados Fapstronaut

    I dunno, I only really feel dirty if there’s porn involved. Feel like I’ve burned off half the nerve endings sometimes though.

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