They don't want us to win.

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  1. When you search about the effect of P and M on Google you see a lot of scientific paper talking about the benefits of jerking off and all, but you won't see nowhere the benefits of NoFap and the side effect of masturbation, they are hiding us a lot of thing. How do y'all feel about it?
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    My Journal
    fapping drains our energy, creativy etc, drains the things we need to excel the big industries, corps just want us in serving mode to serve them forever ,
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    it is clear that media is trying to normalize jerking of and sometimes they use Fear and Uncertainty such as "hey if you don't shake your schlong regularly you will have higher risk of getting PrOsTaTe CanCER." This is bullshit.
    Why would they encourage us to jerk off? It is simple. The porn industry is secretly paying mainstream media and scientists to tell people that fapping is healthy so people can justify their addictions to porn by saying that fapping is good for prostate and other stuff like that.

    In reality fapping causes many adversaries: thinning hair, laziness, mental dullness, poor, back pain, concentration, penis leak, etc.

    Given these aftermath effects there are no media or even scientists mention these ill effects. all they say is masturbation is okay and everyone does it and it is healthier than having free sex.

    never trust anyone who says that fapping and porn is healthy. You have been.addicted to this shit for too long and you know for sure that this is unhealthy and what they say is blatant lies. Isn't it?
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  4. I've seen on a therapy website that it's ''normal to feel ashamed'' after jerking off because you are ''violating strict rules'' lmao and that it's okay to pleasuring yourself that's some huge bullshit.
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    The truth is clear so don’t worry about the lies
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    Of course, they are.

    Our society is becoming increasingly sexually open. The free love movement has ruined our values.

    Sex is seen as a purely physical and casual act when its something much more.

    Sex isn't about the physical, it's about the intense bond you share with your partner, but monogamy is constantly being shamed by progressives as "bullshit" and "unnatural." They want to turn our society into an orgiastic consumer paradise. Where we are ruled by our impulses.

    Our world is already post-apocalyptic and it has been for some time.
  7. I believe masturbation and pornography are wrong regardless of any potential health benefits and I think that is the case with most people who are on this forum, whatever their religious beliefs or lack thereof may be.

    Even if the whole scientific community came out saying that those two things are completely healthy, or that they even promote health (like @fishfoody said regarding certain studies that supposedly found a link between m use and decreased likelihood of prostate cancer), I would still believe that masturbation and pornography are wrong.

    Nothing will convince me that they are okay, and to further my point, I don't care if there are health benefits to not using p and m. Although, we can clearly see from the vast amount of anecdotal evidence on this forum that there are a lot of people who had ED from using p and m and whose ED was fixed from quitting. Correlation is not causation, but we can say with a reasonable amount of confidence taken from our own personal experiences that increased p usage has led to the increase of ED rates nationwide in the US and other countries besides.
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    I find that prostate argument akin to the wine consumption = healthier heart. That still doesn't make void the countless health effects of excessive alcohol consumption (I post this as I'm having a beer).
  9. @Johnthesavage I used to believe in these studies, but now i dont believe in them anymore. Definitely i dont believe in ANY of these studies about how magically good P and/or M are for us. These 2 things are not natural or necessary to the human life since the beginning of times. Like @Damaged_Stoic said, they want to transform our society in a orgiastic consumer paradise, and i agree that the free love movement ruined our values catastrophically. The only way leaved to us to keep health and peace in our lives is quitting this evil system and the PMO itself to build a new life fullfilled with hope and light, filled with good things.
  10. In fact they dont want us to win. They want to keep us addicted to this decadent society where everything that is called moral and good to our lives is throwed away everyday and replaced with distorced ideas and acts of how the human being should be. Thanks God im quitting this system.
  11. Emanuil

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    Who are "they"?
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  12. r8js

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    they are money hungry people, power hungry, dictator type of people...
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    yeah, but can you be more precise? are they in politics? government? science? business? entertainment?
    do you know some of them by name?
    I'm not saying that this isn't true, I'm just wondering who is exactly pushing this agenda?
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  14. "They" make reference to all these systems you quoted, and together they create the 21 century culture, responsible for the creation of the most decadent society in human history.
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    While i do agree with many of you and i respect all of your opinions, i cant surely say that someone or a group of people do this for evil reasons like deplate us and weaken mankind. Even if it feels good to point someone else instead of ourselves there are no proof to accuse someone else for our mistakes. What im trying to say is are we really sure that this is made by some people to weaken us or its just result of a non-working system. We have to have wide-mind instead of a narrow one. Peace to everyone, you cant change people you can change yourself.
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    this is interesting discussion here.....
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  17. I'm thinking about people of science
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  18. r8js

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    who are they?

    it's more like grey line following people.
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    you mean like psychologist, psychiatrists? I know they are the ones that say masturbation is fine.
    And that changed a lot in few last decades. Back in '60s, '70s it wasn't like that at all. Science didn't talk about masturbation so much.
    General science stance towards this problem was not so positive, in certain countries it was even considered a mental disorder.
    "Positive aspects" of masturbation started to appear by the end of '80s and in '90s).
    So what do you think has changed and why would they do that? What's in it for them?
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    Porn is used by military: Google "Pornography as Israel’s Weapon of Choice"

    Big media/government are always looking for ways to control the masses, it should seem pretty obvious why "they" don't want us to win.
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