Those who are trying for 1+ years and still struggling to go over 1 month PMO free.......

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    It may be better to go porn free first than take up the hardmode PMO reboot. I am saying this because for most of us, porn is the major problem. We masturbate because of porn and never (or rarely) watch porn to masturbate. Full PMO reboot is difficult and it can take years to even reach 1 month and the urges are often too strong to maintain sobriety for longer period of time.

    You can masturbate as many times you like for lets say 3-4 months and avoid porn or any sexual stimulant at any cost. You can masturbate without any fantasizing. Once you have reached 3-4 months without porn, you can take up the full PMO reboot and carry your streak forward from there.

    Personally, when I look back, porn was/is the main problem for me. The longer I stay away from porn, the easier my reboot gets. Only time can heal the brain from wounds of porn. Masturbating can help get over the initial extreme porn urges. Of course there will be chaser after masturbating but somehow if you can survive for 3-4 months from porn, hardmode PMO reboot will be much easier.

    Let me know what you think of this!

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