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    So it's been a while since i've started. My longest streak was 30 days (with crap load of edging) and then failure after failure. I felt as if i wasn't in control anymore. Now i think i've found out the key to success. Now i'm on day 31 and i have completely lost any interest in pornography, masturbation and partly sex in general. However losing interest in any sexual activities was my starting goal. You see, the reason i wanted to give up m was because i had every disgusting, overly pop up in my head. I thought of females, males(very rarely, and still in that condition i managed to throw that gay stuff away) often people over 40, people 3 years younger than me (significant cause i'm teen). And the thoughts weren't just about about usual s, they often were with overly perverted scenarios and with mixed variations. Now i feel less attracted to women (somewhy), completely gave up thoughts about me being bi. The effects of Hard mode are magnificent and i' pretty satisfied with them, but i started thinking that i was becoming something of an asexual. Any word you can say about that?
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    Keep going. Some people claim a drop in interest is expected (i.e. flatline). I’d not sign on that as an actual biological stage, I think it has to do with the effects of becoming aware and alert to what used to be a very “treaded path” (boredom/activity>arousal>P>M>O). It’s almost like noticing the colors and textures for the first time on regular commute you’ve been taking for years because you’ve decided take off your earphones. The environment doesn’t change at all - in fact you’ve been “seeing” it for years, but you’ve changed the game with some added attention to the components of it.

    Call it flatline if you like. Take it as a good time to work on awareness. It’s not a monster, but it tends to want to bite back. You either drop the ball, or get curious after lacking response for a while.
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  4. Guys let's Celibate!!!
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