Thoughts on Paleo diet?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Jay Dolphin, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Jay Dolphin

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    Just wondering what people's thoughts are on the Paleo diet? I'm already into trying to fill my body with whole and organic stuff, but food has been a real struggle for me lately. And i feel like I'm getting a bit of a gut because of it. I mean, maybe i just need to workout my pecs more, because I'm starting to develop a six pack, but i feel like it's not supposed to stick out further then my chest, so i was thinking maybe I'm building up a lot of fat underneath.

    Anyways, i would really love to stop eating so much sugary and greasy foods anyways. My biggest hesitation with the Paleo diet, is that i feel like it would probably be hard to maintain with a busy social life -- i wouldn't be able to eat with other people when they have food that's not on the diet.

    I already don't eat beef at all, because it's bad for the environment. (Raising cattle requires a ton more land to raise than the same pounds of meat of chicken or any other kind of meat. US beef consumption is a huge leading factor for the deforestation of central and South American rainforests.) And for dairy products, i usually try to buy non-cow products, like goat's milk and yogurt, or avocado butter. But none of these would be allowed on the Paleo diet.

    For those who don't know what the Paleo diet is, basically you try to eat like a cave man. Meaning meat and fruits and veggies -- any food groups that (in theory) could be eaten by a hunter-gatherer society.
  2. DerSchütze

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    Ethiopian crackhead diet
    1. Chicken
    2. Brown rice
    3. Mustard
    4. Water
    5. BCAA's
    6. 4-6 meals every 3 hours
    You will get that freaky craig titus look, ripped 300lb freak, you got this bro
  3. Demodectic

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    Im not a fan of any diet that restricts starches like rice. And also I think eating a boatload of animal flesh is also non healthy. I am not vegetarian but I do believe that the meat should not be the largest percentage on your plate. Look into the Perfect Health Diet.
  4. tbird

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    Right off the bat you can eliminate pasta, desserts, and snack foods without going Paleo. Make a wrap instead of a sandwich. Center your meals around veggies and add a protein. Yeah restaurants are a problem, especially when they say "You want the onion rings or fries with that?".
  5. blookes

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    instead of going on a diet i would recommend eliminating one thing at a time and replacing it with something healthy. For example, eliminating soda with fruit juice. Then eliminating fruit juice for low-sugar fruit juice.

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