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  1. PLEASE HELP! These damn sexual thoughts wont go the hell away and its been the cause of relapses in the past. I go to the gym or on campus and what happens I see hot girls and you know the rest. Its like my brain is seriously trying to get me to go back to porn when I am trying so damn hard to get away from it. I mean come on I even had thoughts about wanting to bang my newly single best friend. This is not me and this is not who I want to be. Porn has turned me into a fucking sexual perv. Please what do I do any advice?
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    I hear ya, hot women can be distracting -- and you can get better -- with just a little effort. Here's one solution: bounce and starve the eyes [don't lust at hot chicks]

    After a month or so, you may be healthy enough to start looking at women again (i.e. look for love........... not unfulfilling, will end in breakups and divorce, lust.)

    More tips:

    1. You literally don't have to watch porn ever again. (self.NoFap)
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    BazookaMorpheus88 Days

    2. When PMO is not even an option (self.NoFap)
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    Kestral 233 days

    3. Google: "The pain of self-discipline [4] is far less than the pain of regret [8]" ..... Find an image you like......... and save it onto your computer or phone.

    4. Treats or dessert (for good behavior). Also, if possible, buy something related to a hobby you really enjoy.

    5. Some guy on line had this great advice: " Never touch your dick……[or female parts for women]."
    Tip……. when showering use a wash cloth

    6. Humor :) ....... Google: "Glad you could join me Mr. Bond". Funny, somewhat possessed toddler............... Anyone know the Villain the toddler is supposed to represent?

    7. Click on the NoFap "Emergency" button and find an image you like (positive influence):
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  3. Take a look at my journal (link in signature). Lot of tips there which may help you.
  4. Thank you!! Very good advice. I have been trying to not look or comment on girls. It started out well but it ended up in failure.
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    You've just discovered that these thoughts are automatic. Up untill now, you probably thought that you were having these thoughts on purpose.
    This is a huge step, so take pride in that.

    If you count to ten a hundred times, and then stop, your mind will still be counting to ten whether you like it or not. It's like an "ecco". You can imagine the brain works like that, like an ecco chamber. Those eccos from the porn fantasies are still bouncing around in your skull and it's going to take a long time before they calm down.

    So please have patience and acknowledge that you have come this far! We've all been there where you are, and it sucks! But you are in the process of taking back the control of your mind. Please continue.

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