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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by JonnyK, Dec 10, 2014.

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    Recently I've been home by myself most of the time due to my mom getting a night shift and having to sleep all day. I've slowly degraded to the point where I am a stupid couch potato who fails school, watches youtube all day, and "fights" the urge to PMO. I mean sits down, does normal stuff on the computer but suddenly pulls my dick out at the slightest provocation and "innocently" sneak peeks at everything suggestive till I eventually fap. I'm 16 now and am old enough to be able to take care of myself. You never stop needing parenting. You just learn to do it yourself. I've constructed a system where I rate how I did my day from 1-9. I made a separate flashcard for each number and made a list of punishments or rewards on each. 1-2, no computer. Cold showers from 1-6, and push-ups up till 7. 8 and 9 I get to eat chocolate, go to bed later and take hot showers. I made a checklist of what I should do each day at each time. Hopefully this will help me get my life back in shape.
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    Sup, glad to see you are trying so hard to stop. Would I be allowed to bump in with something I think might be really helpful? When I was younger, I would do exactly what you are doing earlier in my struggles. I am now 21 and I had made no progress until I found this site just recently. (So you already got a headstart on me.) From my experiences, I don't think you'll make much progress with the way you are dealing with things right now.

    But, there's hope! I read this post and it really helped put things into perspective for me. Now bear with me, but it says how you shouldn't be fighting the addiction directly, per se. Instead, you need to change your lifestyle to teach your body not to go back to porn. Think of it this way, by fighting it directly, you are giving the addiction the attention it so desperately wants. The best way to fight it is to deprive it of the attention you give it, so that eventually your brain forgets about it.

    Here's the link. I hope this really helps in your endeavors.

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