Tinder: Yes or No??

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Calvin6285, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Calvin6285

    Calvin6285 Fapstronaut

    Havent been with a girl for 4 years since my early teens due to my addiction, should I use tinder on my reboot? If so should i try to date or hookup? Not sure if my PIED is gone yet so concerned about that...
  2. Calvin6285

    Calvin6285 Fapstronaut

    Havent been with a girl in 4 years since my early teens because of my addiction. Should I use tinder during my reboot now? If so dating or a hookup? Concerned since I still dont know i my PIED is gone..
  3. Gewinner98

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    Not gonna say if it s good for rebooting process or not. Despite my reboot, I do date some girls who I find interesting.
    But I d not recommend to use tinder for dating. If you don t want to end up dating some 4/10, who looked pretty much 6/10 on her pictures.(had some bad experience)
    Learn how to approach women in real. So she can t cheat with her appearance and you can immediately find out whether she s worth dating or not. You can sure do it on tinder, but with luck(fake photos) and with a lot of time and effort, which is not worth it as you don t get any experience scrolling pictures left and right, unlike approaching girl in real.
  4. It depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are abstaining from PMO then no, you shouldn't use Tinder to hook up with people as that will lead to sex and orgasm. Wait until you complete your reboot :)

    If you are only abstaining from PM then obviously having sex is allowed for you, but I would still caution using dating apps- more often than not it will lead to swapping nude pictures which will likely make you fap. Nudes sent via dating apps is a porn substitute. Be careful.
  5. vxlccm

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    It does depend on your goals, like @Ready to be healthy says. But, most of us have been triggered by that kind of stuff. And, maybe it becomes a big time sink that doesn't really allow you to improve your life. So, like @2525, just IMHO, not during a reboot. Being around real girls is a great idea, so try being out of doors some and smiling at people and some things like that?
  6. I agree with @vxlccm. Wait till your reboot is finished. At least 90 day reboot is the "standard" so you can focus on healing then after that it's completely up to you. I plan on dating women after my 90 day reboot is up.
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  7. Dating sure, but hookups no. With hookups you’re just looking to use others and that is unhealthy behavior regardless if the other person is looking to do the same thing. Treat yourself and others with dignity. Don’t use peope and don’t put the worst version of yourself out there.

    Take the time and invest in yourself.
  8. I say if your doing NoFap you should try to have as much interaction with women as possible. Even kissing touching and intimate contact goes a long way. Nofap would be so hard for me if I didn't have a girlfriend. The whole point is to rebuild intimate connection with your partner and tinder works. And if tinder doesn't work there's other ways to meet women.
  9. lamstronger

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    I've nothing against tinder. I'd say because, because talking to girls would improve your social skills, which aren't usually good because of nofap. I'd say use it to date or atleast meet up with girls.
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  10. warren smith

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    Tinder for me is a no bro. I used it before and it makes me feel terrible, I went the club got a girls number and it fellt natural
  11. warren smith

    warren smith New Fapstronaut

    you from because I've been at uni for a month and am eaving because I dont like it and so I'm coming back to london. I want to start a pick up group!

    How old are you and where you from?
  12. PapaTango

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    In my opinion, dating is incredibly taxing on your brain. Arguably, more than PMO. Especially so at your age (assuming you are late teen or early 20s).

    Dedicate to nofap first. And do it solely for the intention of becoming a better version of yourself. Not so you can be this magical Playboy who screws around so much that he doesn't need porn. Learn to love yourself. Once you're confident that you don't truly need anything, then you can tackle dating.

    Nofap and dating are similar. Both can be very difficult, and if you fail, you may beat yourself up too much. Both can also be very rewarding. Do one at a time.
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  13. Superadders

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    I would get out there more and approach women in real life rather than using tinder.

    In my opinion, Nofap should be done in conjunction with other positive habits to enhance overall confidence and esteem. Having the energy and motivation to go out there and make things happen for yourself (e.g. being more sociable) should be characteristic of being on nofap. Using tinder is somewhat contradictory to this. Any guy doing PMO can use tinder with ease because they are not forcing themselves to improve and be more proactive in the real world.

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