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    Hi Everybody,

    For many years, I've struggled with fapping and porn. I would tell myself that this shit is no good, huge waste of time, etc, but I could never stay away for too long.

    As my gf broke up with me a couple days ago, leaving me with some very complicated feelings, I fear that I'll fall even harder for net porn, cam sites, and mindless fapping, plunging me into an inescapable abyss of loneliness and shame. I don't want that!

    I've heard of NoFap before and thought, "Oh, that sounds nice. Maybe one day, but until then I can manage on my own." But today that day has come for me to reach out to a community for help, so I can be free of this.

    I'm tired of wasting time with porn (since I have many other things that could be dong instead) and for my next relationship, I don't want to fall victim to porn induced sexual dysfunctions.

    This disjointed intro sounds like I'm floundering, but it is what it is.

  2. Welcome to the community. Read, learn and start making your plan.

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