(TRIGGER WARNING) What to do and not to do while in reboot mode?

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    I have been around 9 days in reboot mode... my dick has went numb, i PMO around 9 days ago and now i am controlling myself to not PMO for atleast 90 days more. i had a few questions.
    1. What would happen if i watch just a basic porn DAILY (only images -nothing too dark, just basic stuffs like couple sex, lesbian etc..), i don't want to masturbate to it at all, i just feel a strong desire to watch it just like i watch tvshows, movies.
    2. Is it normal that nude women and porn still excites me the most other than any other entertainment source such as movies, tvshows etc.. even tough i don't get turned on by watching porn?
    3. Even tough i can't get it hard, these little sexual fantasies keeps flowing through my head? .. all of a sudden i start imagining i am "sitting at a garden kissing and touching a women","having threesome on beach" etc etc.. is this normal? also should i keep killing these fantasies as soon as my mind starts wandering?
    4. What if i watch porn and masturbate to it (1ce a week) after 90 days are over instead of making out with a real girl? atm my location, work, situation is not in favor of me being able to get a girlfriend.. also i am not at all financially well enough to hire a hooker.
    5. one last thing, many guys mentioned they feel they are down when they are going through reboot, i don't feel down at all.. i feel confident, happy, relaxed.. and no where close to being depressed, is that normal too?

    Please help me guys,
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    1. You will lose you willpower and go berserk on your penis.
    2. Evolution is everywhere. You see that girl with amazing personality and good looks (your brains doesn't, he only sees a chance of reproduction).
    3. Remember drug addicts, they feel horrible and miserable when they stop taking drugs. They tend to fantasy about their memorable moments too.
    4. You may loose interest in PMO for good and give in your old habits (also you destroy the chance of getting a girlfriend)
    5. I don't feel down either but this is not my first rodeo. You should take advantage of that.
    Finally, I wish you good luck and if anything happens don't hesitate to ask for my help (I will do what I can).
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    I'd say watching P again one day is possible, but that's for you to decide: NoFap is about getting your head straight so you can make that decision. We're all on here because our use of P has made us unhappy, so we're all looking for a change. If you're like me, the internet has immersed you in porn for years and it's hard to tell if it makes you happy, serves a purpose or is just habit.

    Given that, I'd say watching any P during your reboot is pointless. You're giving your brain a holiday. Take it somewhere else for a while.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the fact that P excites you even though you don't get turned on by it. Do you mean you are turned on by the idea of it? That doesn't seem surprising if you've watched a lot of it. It's habitual. But if you're walking down the street and pass someone attractive, do you rush to the nearest public toilet and M? That sounds like a lot of time and energy expended that would be better spent on accepting that sexy people exist (thank goodness), accepting that you find them sexy (hooray) and that there are other things in life.

    Having sexual fantasies sounds natural to me, especially when you're trying to give something up. You know what they say about 'Don't think of elephants?' Besides which, the mind is always wandering. There's lots of cool mindfulness/meditation stuff online about focusing the mind which you might want to call on.

    I'm only just starting down this road, but that's my take on things.

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    Hi miltonbburke,

    I think the other guys have some good points about:
    I understand the desire to want to watch. I made a similar post about that feeling here Porn FOMO.

    Like the others have said, you wanting to watch porn (because it excites you) even when it doesn't turn you on is a bit confusing. Maybe this is coming from your feeling that your dick is numb? I think the numbness can be due to the prolonged exposure of porn and intense masturbation before you began rebooting. That'll change. It's not broken. yet.

    To your number 4, I went through a similar thing just after I finished 30 days of hard mode. Documented here: New Chapter, New Journal

    I tried using porn "responsibly." But with only yourself to keep you accountable it's difficult. I didn't succeed. Doesn't mean you can't though. Maybe your control is stronger than mine.

    However, if you're anything like me, then you'll get bored with vanilla porn faster than you think you will. Then what will you do?

    Hope I helped.
    AUh out
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    I know exactly what you're going through because I've been in your path in the past. I'll try my best to answer or comment on your five points.
    1.will be the start of the cycle back again. I have done this in the past where I would go on YouTube or something very PG related and sooner or later that was not enough and revert back to the hard-core. Stay away from any kind of nude or sexually exciting images.
    Two if you're a heterosexual is very normal for women to excite you. So yes you will get excited throughout the day by viewing images of women either live, on TV, or anywhere else. That is normal.
    Three you have to much time on your hands and asked why your mind is being focused on sexual fantasies. Keep yourself busy, do stuff outside the house, and come home when you're dead tired and crash out.
    4. Some people to control the amount of times they can watch porn per week and others can't. If porn is something that you can control then you do not need to be on this website. The people who are on this website are the ones who have a serious addiction issue like me. Once I told myself I will watch it once a week and four weeks later I was watching it three times a day again. This is something that you have no control over because your body is already hardwired for this. Think about it for a moment. We are made to reproduce and there's a strong driving force for us to mate. And watching porn gives you the same pleasure thus you wanted more and more and more.
    5. The being depressed or down comes from the fact that the release or the pleasure button is no longer available. So in the beginning we have nowhere to release the stress. But as time passes and become less addicted to the pleasure of an orgasm while watching porn, the situation gets better. It's good that you're not depressed but I'm questioning if you're hiding your true feelings or this is who you are?

    Good luck with everything. Remember that this is a journey and we all have to go through it on our own.
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    You have the flu, you go to the doctor and the doc gives you the medicine, one pill per day.

    What happens if you don't take the pill?
    What happens if you take the pill every other day?
    What happens if you only lick the pill.

    Different scenario: your girlfriend is on the pill (birth control), what happens if she doesn't take the pill?

    You already know the answer to all of your questions, but you're not ready for NoFap, not just yet.

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