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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by VanillaMochi, Nov 5, 2014.

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    I have been a vegetarian for two months now and I keep getting grilled by my roommates and co-workers about it. It mostly comes down to an argument of not getting enough protein.

    I've been doing a little research and I found that a lot of foods do contain proteins. Soy beans are the highest, followed by lintels and black beans. I heard that Soy isn't good for reproducing, but I don't exactly want kids so I'm not too concerned about that. I might avoid them though.

    I have also been losing a lot of weight since starting this new diet. I'm already a pretty lean guy and I wasn't intending to lose any weight but several people have commented about it and I've become self-conscious.

    I heard about a body builder named Bill Pearl who was a vegetarian that ate eggs and cheese. I'm considering really getting in shape within the next six months and I do not want to eat meat ever again. I am okay with cheese and milk, also considering adding eggs. I work with meat all day as a prep-cook in a kitchen and it's just absolutely disgusting to me. Chickens cooped up and pumped full of steroids living horrible existences just isn't appetizing.

    Free the chickens!

    Anyway, here's my list.

    Foods with protein
    Soy beans
    White beans
    Black beans
    Peanut butter
    Sunflower seeds
    Brown rice
    Oat meal
    Lettuce (very little, like 1g or something)
    Eggs (Do you think hard-boiled eggs would help combat the amount of cholesterol that eggs have?)

    Brain foods
    Blue berries
    Nuts and seeds

    Dried Banana's
    Trail mix

    Protein shakes (for vegetarians)
    Hammer Soy Vanilla
    Living Harvest Hemp Protein
    Hammer Whey Vanilla
    Gold Standard Casein
    Hammer Vegan Protein

    I really want to learn about nutrition and be eating the right amount of foods and also get in shape as well. I think I'm going to do more research on Bill Pearl.

    It seems that every time I eat almonds my stomach really hurts afterwards. Anyone else experience this?

    All the best.

    - vM
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  2. VanillaMochi

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    This morning I woke up and ate oatmeal. It's the whole grain one not the packaged sugary kind. I'm sure I could add sugar to it but that would defeat the whole purpose. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't very good either. I'm just happy that it has a decent amount of protein in it.
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    Hey Two Month Vegetarian VanillaMochi! Two Month Vegan here. :)

    Heard about Bill Pearl as well but not in depth. There are indeed a few athletes who keep to a (mostly) plant-based diet and thrive. What exactly they eat, I don't know. A lot though, probably :p

    I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of food info there is on the internet, and books written by so many experts who all disagree with each other, and documentaries about eat this, don't eat that...

    What most of them do agree on however is this:
    - eat at regular times
    - eat until you're satisfied / full (i.e. not until you burst)
    - eat whole foods / fresh foods
    - bring variation into your diet
    - give your body the time it needs to digest your meals properly
    - chew

    and most importantly (to me at least)

    - prepare your food with love
    - bring your full attention to eating

    My understanding is that almost everything you eat has at least some protein in it. You should be fine as long as you have a healthy eating habit. Your body will tell you how much it needs if you listen to it.

    disclaimer: don't take my word for it, I'm not a nutrition expert and also not perfect eating-habit-wise.
  4. VanillaMochi

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    Great tips, thank you. I was happy to find that a lot of food does have protein in it. That's good news :)
  5. VanillaMochi

    VanillaMochi Fapstronaut

    Going to attempt to eat three meals a day. I've been slacking.
  6. CountryDude

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    Honey is good with oatmeal. Ground flax seeds too.
  7. purity

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    I eat 6 meals a day. Sometimes I eat up to 8 times a day including snacks. I find that being a vegetarian/vegan I am able to eat alot more food and not think twice about watching how many calories I am taking in. Personally I love this, I have to go out of my way to eat enough to stack on muscle which is great, because once I reach a certain size it's effortless to maintain a cut and jacked figure. Not that I'm a bodybuilder or muscle head or caught up on aesthetics. As Coach Sommer's would say, "Form follows function." I simply like the way being in that kind of shape makes me feel.

    Also being vegan provides a boost of energy unlike anything I've ever felt. Recovery times are cut in half, endurance goes through the roof, basically it turns you into some kind of high testosterone warbeast. Look at how muscular horses are and the endurance they have, and they eat a 100% plant based diet. It's complete horseshit that you need animal protein to be big and strong. Look at another beast from the animal kingdom, the tiger. They are immensely strong creatures, yet they have burst energy, they sleep like 3/4 of the day. It's because of what they eat. "A tiger will spend between 16 and 20 hours each day doing very little apart from lying in the shade." [nsfw] (they have profiles of women too so I wouldn't visit there if you are easily triggered, or into men for that matter).[/nsfw]

    Anyways physical talk aside, I find being vegan does wonders for cerebral enhancement/mental clarity. It's amazing.

    None of these reasons are at the heart of why I don't eat animal products, which I won't get into here. Although I first became vegetarian because I was told it was extremely healthy, over the years my reasons for it deepened.

    A joke from Scott Pilgrim:

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  8. purity

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    Chia seeds too. I had oatmeal for breakfast.
  9. purity

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    I'm a nutrition enthusiast, and that is a great post! The foods in your original post VM will provide more than enough protein.

    I will also share this link,
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  10. Mulekite

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    Hands go to the library and check-out "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell and this will give you the "other" side of the story. We as Americans get too much Protein and it affects our health. Much of the discomfort you may be experiencing could be do to gas as many grains and vegi's cause a great amount of this. There are things you can eat and drink to help you with this such as teas and different foods depending on gluten intolerance and other things that throw of digestion and homeostasis.
  11. purity

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    Great book. I bought a copy for my parents who still eat meat, my Mother told me it was a nuisance to read, kind of scholarly and inaccessible for your leisurely reader. But I've heard great things about it.

    Discomfort that who is experiencing?

    There is an adjustment period for people when they change their diet to a plant-based one. I eat more fiber alone than the typical American FAMILY does per day, and I have no GI issues or excess gas whatsoever. It's because my body is use to it.
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  12. Vision

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    Brothers, I am so happy to see others adopting common sense! Things people normally eat are deadly and based on increadible suffering of animals.

    On January 28, 2015 I will complete my third year as "semi-vegan". That is: I eat as much vegetables and fruits as possible. Other things (e.g. cheese) only when nothing else is around (usually when I am traveling). Basic principles are explained by Joel Fuhrman, a nutrition expert (just google). He recommends a diet that is close to veganism but for health purposes he does not think it is necessary to be a vegan (though absolutely OK if one wishes).

    The protein prejudice is funny and long refuted. There are great athlets and bodybuilders completely vegan, e.g. Patrik Baboumian:

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