Urges after sex

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Buffalo Will, Feb 2, 2018.

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    Just something to get off my chest. I’m now 49 days clean of any P or M. I have a gf so that fill in the O part, but the reason that I’m writing this is because after sex with my gf my sexual urges go through the roof. I know it’s because my body wants more dopamine but I’ve been at the brink sometimes of searching my favorite site and fapping. The only thing that keeps me grounded is the fear of me starting my streak over. It’s kind of intimidating how easily I can lose my streak also, I just gotta stay strong and disciplined. I just wanted to write this cause I know it’s other guys who might be dealing with this so stay strong guys.
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    Tell her you’re still horny after sex, maybe she’ll give you a BJ.
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  3. Sounds like the chaser effect to me. Don’t give in and remember why you started NoFap when dealing with those urges

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