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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by bluehippo06, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. bluehippo06

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    Hi guys i m a veterinarian and i want to learn coding.i m intrested in python but have no prior knowledge of anything related to coding.i need someone to tell me that a medical professional can learn coding.please help and suggest me how to start.
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    There a tons of website that can help you to learn python and other coding language.I strongly recommend you to use sololearn.com, its best website to learn any coding language,even i started my python course with this website.This app is also available for download on android
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    Before I started studying Computer Science I had already messed with it myself for about 2 years.
    It doesn't matter what you do, you can learn programming. Let me tell you, though, that it will require a lot of steps. If your aren't familiar with how a computer interprets things, then you will have to work in small steps to develop understanding and intuition. It all depends on your goals too, of course. As a computer scientist I can tell you that digging deep is a very long journey, and not one you need to take to make simple programs. Take it easy, take your time, and you will get some coding done.

    Oh and for how to start: if you can tell me how serious you are about this and what your goals are, then I might be able to recommend some material. If you are simply looking to get into it with no ulterior motive, then there are tons and tons of tutorials that teach you the same stuff pretty much. Don't pay for any online courses that take in people with no prior experience. Buy material when you know exactly what you want from it.
  4. SCRATCH! Nice. Love that.

    @bluehippo06 there are plenty of resources! Just look around and just pick some that seem decent and get learning!
  5. MisterDoe

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    Hello, as a developer. I suggest getting yourself Andrei Neagoie Python udemy course. The course itself is very good. But the main reason is to have access to Zero To Mastery discord forum. Currently, the forum has 159k students. It's very active and can help you with questions and motivation.
  6. PeterGrip

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    No finer programming language exists :)
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  7. true true. @bluehippo06 just learn scratch
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