We are pieces of life art created by all those that ever lived before us.

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    Hello to all you Fapsronauts!!

    I am posting tonight from London in the UK.

    I am obviously new to Nofap and I am writing this thread on day 13.
    I first got to know about this subject when I read about sexual transmutation in Napoleon hills book "think and grow rich".

    As a keen meditator and someone who now practices transformational breathing, I find it fascinating that through spiritual awareness we are able to draw on all the absolute goodness that is in our Semen and use this power to enhance our lives tremendously.

    It was on day 3 that it dawned on me, through masturnation we are actually just dismissing the life essence that was so preciously given to us by every single family member that ever lived before us. We are in fact an absolute living miracle and it's super vital to be aware and mindful of this. For me this is such an overwhelming and powerful thought and the realisation of this is incredible.

    Please comment and leave your thoughts on this.

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  2. @Beintouch

    Hey - welcome to the group. Let us know how the semen retention is going.

  3. Beintouch

    Beintouch New Fapstronaut


    Well I'm on day 14 so It really is early days
  4. Awesome way of put how valuable semen is to the relation of life and continuing legacy.

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