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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by ThomasTheCat, Sep 11, 2021.

  1. ThomasTheCat

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    My last dream were about the last type of porn I watched. I dont watch porn since october 2019 and I have mixed dreams: with woman and men.

    I consider my self hetero because I only think about girls. The case of me and men was the porn and the scalation of it.

    My question is: is it possible that I dreaming with men is about my consume of porn/scalation?

    Bc I remember before porn I didnt have these dreams.

    Its very weird, but I trying to normalize this shit. Bc I am who I am. But now Im bit confused...
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    Dude, you are straight. You need to fight this demonic shit that is porn. It's just trying to fuck you up. Don't be confused, if you know you are straight, you are straight. Stay away from porn for the rest of your life.
  3. ThomasTheCat

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    Yeah man they are recurring. Sometimes I dream about women and sometimes I dream about men. I've watched some heavy g4y p0rn in the past due to tolerance/scalation. Theres 2 years that I dont watch any kinda of porn.
    But I have some wet dreams and some of them its about one type (that means its recurring).

    Before the porn I have never dreamt about gay relations. Its very very strange and put me on pills to sleep, bc sometimes I have fear of dreaming about it.........

    I dont know what to do.
  4. ThomasTheCat

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    Dude, your post hit me hard and is making me reflect a lot on a lot.

    "I wasn't afraid of being gay, I was afraid of not being attracted to women. That made no sense though because I knew that I was attracted to women, the issue was whether I was attracted to women and men"

    That part hit me so hard.

    I had never realized before that my biggest fear was not being gay or being attracted to men, but not being attracted to women.

    What I know deep down is not true. I do like women. And possibly I can be attracted to men too.

    You are right. I have to accept my true self and dont fight the feelings, and just accept them.

    I gonna start meditate today.

    I love this forum because there are members like you who can really make a big difference in people's lives. Thank you very much for your words.
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