Well I Reset But I Don't Start Over (107 days)

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by ryan23, Mar 18, 2019.

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    I am fortunate to have an accountability person in my life. And I am also fortune that I have abstained from PMO for 107 days. I did reset my counter. Last night I masturbated and it was through a facetime call with someone that I met traveling. It felt it was going in a compulsive way at first, but then she knew I was doing it and it wasn't against her will. I had some alcohol in my system since I had gone to a St. Patrick's day party earlier in the day. And I am also dealing with a job loss and moving to a new place recently. Granted, I am not making excuses for my actions. I am not proud of what I did as MO is part of what I want to avoid. But I am grateful it wasn't pornography, and she was fully dressed.
    The act was sexual, and it was on a screen, and that is something I want to abstain from. Thanks for reading this. I see this as a learning opportunity. I met with my accountability partner today, and ready to get back into chasing and living life PMO free. I'm feeling better now, grateful to be alive, this community, and a chance to learn something from this. Have a wonderful day! Any thoughts welcome.
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    "And I am also fortune that I have abstained from PMO for 107 days."

    That is Great!

    Longest I have been is 3 months.... and 4 months.
    So we have to constantly monitor our selves and situations. If we are starting to get weak.......
    or the situation is becoming sexual....... or tempting ...... need to 'get the hell out
    of Dodge" ........ or flee to keep in tune with our goals.
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    Congrats for your 107 days man. Glad to see you becoming the man you want to be. I don't personally would see this as a relapse for it doesn't involve a voyeuristic side and is a real life situation, but it's my point of view and I think everyone has to make NoFap his own unique journey. Keep going brother.
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    Cheers, guys! It really felt like a relapse for the first couple days...felt like I destroyed everything I worked for. Mainly because my goal was to also abstain from any form of masturbation. Fortunately, I bounced back quickly. Yeah, it did involve a real girl, but it also involved a computer screen, and release so I had to do the right thing and count it.
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