What about "enlightened edging"?

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  1. SuperiorMan95

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    Haha okay so bear with me, this is serious despite the title.

    I recently messed up on my No PMO streak. It was an isolated incident (busted with my gf).

    But I noticed my erections are not the greatest. My endurance is also horrible. I can't go a few strokes without feeling like cumming.

    I heard from multiple sources (notably Good Looking Loser) that edging is good for endurance training. And I actually bought a flesh-light a while back as per GLL's recommendation.

    I started going into the shower and masturbating using the flesh-light with the primary objective of training my ability to last longer. I would often put on music, focus on deep breathing, and say affirmations like "I can last very long" or "I circulate my sexual energy without letting it stagnate".

    The reason I say "enlightened" is because I woulnd't really allow myself to fantasize during these sessions but rather I would focus on training endurance, relaxation, and maintaining strong erections.

    I would often come out feeling happy and relaxed.

    Recently, I began wondering if this was a good practice i could continue to do as long as it's done in the shower without fantasizing but more along the lines of the above criteria. And of course, there is no ejaculation at the end.

    Also, this isn't technically edging because the intention is to NOT even get close to the point where you're edging. The intention is to stay at a healthy distance from that point especially if one is rebooting. (And by edging, I mean brink of orgasm).

    What do you guys think???
  2. Future role model

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    I don't understand how can you maintain erection without fantasizing?
  3. Grey is colourless

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    Wrong forum section?
    I done this long ago. It trains your gut brain for sure. Altough it feeds into sexuality desire and related addictions. Like nudity at home, it can make you excited or more comfortable.

    This is not to say I encourage it. I'm not sure if it helps. But it hears to me like nervous system training. So perhaps we should focus on the nerves. Maybe related to rest and flight states.

    Perhaps similar to watching for a bit, natural/art nudity ?
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  4. IGY

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    As far as I am concerned, this is not conducive to your reboot, however you try and justify it and dress it up.
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  5. SuperiorMan95

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    I spoke to my therapist (who is very aware of nofap) and he said that he does not really condone this practice. He says its not ideal during a reboot. If I'm too sensitive, he says to just use a condom.

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