What are some ways that P.M.O. has interfered with your hobbies/interests?

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  1. Lets remind ourselves about the things we could be doing instead of being slaves to our vices!
    since I started watching porn I have read less, my creative energy has bottomed out, and my desire to do much of anything has gone down. I can see the results in no more than a day of abstaining, within a period of twelve hours my desire to read or write shoots up when I abstain.
  2. Video games with my friends. Sometimes when I got a message from one of my friends asking me to join the boys for a couple of games, I'd ignore and browse mindlessly at porn for hours. It was wasted time, and some may think that video games are wasted time but it's my main way of socialising with my friends ever since the pandemic hit. I would've much prefered spending my time yelling like apes with the boys than watching porn alone.
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    PMO had pushed me back in my confidence, conversation skills and even sports. Now low confidence, means difficulty in establishing good friendship, social connections, public speaking etc. But I am happy that I have improved myself a lot. And I am still improving day by day.

    If I was able to go back in time, I would had killed that senior boy who showed me that first video, as if this was not enough he also did the hard work of enlightening me by telling me the names of those sites. How can someone do that? If someone is addicted to something - the first thing that comes to our brain is to inform everyone that never do that mistake that we had done, but this senior boy was the devil of my life.
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    I've put off talking or spending time with people I love because I was so deep in a binge and was too ashamed to even be seen by somebody else.
    I've actually faked being sick to get out of social obligations because all I wanted to do was PMO.
    I used to paint miniatures for dungeons and dragons but haven't touched one in a month.
    I used to write poems and short stories but haven't even felt a creative thought enter my head in more than a month.
    I've put off going to the gym to PMO, then told myself I'm too weak afterwards to possibly work out and just slept instead.

    I have been a victim of my own desires and impulses for too long.
  5. Creativity and Productivity go way down for me. Even if I didn’t spend a lot of actual time watching or m’ing, the emotion that comes after drains me of anything good.

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