What are the benefits of NO PMO

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Fighterv123, Dec 3, 2021.

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    I want to know benefits of NO PMO. Today is my 6th successful day of NO PMO. I want to push my self for more to achieve target of 90 days
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    • For me the biggest benefit is having more control of my time and not being constantly distracted with urges or a need to look at porn and masturbate. Having more control of my time has allowed me to work on other issues such as confidence, low-self esteem, etc. It's also a lot easier for me to do difficult/boring stuff such as chores, studying for an IT certification, etc that I usually delay.
    • My emotion is more stable and less of a roller coaster ride. I would feel a ton of guilt, shame, and low self worth after I binge porn or watch something I regret later. Not feeling bad all the time is great. When I have a bad day its easier to deal with it as opposed to medicating with porn.
    • The biggest physical benefit of not looking at porn and masturbating frequently is that my dick isn't numb and I feel more sensations when i have sex with my wife. Before I wouldn't feel anything and now I do.
    • Lastly, a side effect i experienced from watching porn frequently is that i would be turned on/attracted to any good looking girl I see in real life. I begin to fantasize about them sexually and also fantasize about being in a relationship with them. I put a lot of pressure on myself to try and impress them and needless to say the social interactions was embarrassing and something I deeply regret. Being able to talk them like they are a normal person is great.
    Hope this helps and good luck on your recovery journey
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    Wow thats really motivating. How many days your streak rate now. All the best for your IT Certification. Strength to dick is awesome.
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  3. Day 320 at the moment. I had a 152 streak before that, but it wasn't really clean as I was looking at porn substitutes. This is without a doubt my longest and cleanest streak. Thank you for your kind words!
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    The benefits are amazing. If you are skeptical it's understandable, as your addict part of you is trying to convince you to stay trapped. Dude let me tell you something -there is a whole life out there and porn just wants to steal it away. Want to be happy every day without worry? Want to have real energy? Want to sleep like a baby and have pleasant dreams? Want to no longer be a pervert? Want to not burn in hell for all of eternity if indeed the devil is real.. who really knows if he is? Look, at the end of the day it's your life. Do you want to be the addict or the one who decided he wasn't enslaved and was free from the shackles?
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    Love and can relate to that last point
  6. What counts as porn substitutes, may I ask?
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    Usually people will read sex stories or look at edgy/risky TikTok’s. I was reading porn stories as it’s not images it’s just imagination but it’s still stimulation and made me break a 10 day streak. Try focus on a hobby helps more than anything and less social media. Stay off your phone for longer periods
  8. Does the above-mentioned substitutes mess with our progress even if not doing MO with it?
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    It’s still stimulating the brain and causes triggers. Point of nofap is to reduce how we think of women and porn. These stories still degrade women and make them out to be objects when they’re not.
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    i just uninstalled TikTok 4 days ago, theres some content creator that i liked there, but unfortunately theres must be a random video shows sexy girl dancing that always turned me on and triggered me to find some porn, thats sucks.. social media nowadays are getting worse...
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    Better focus on things, I control my thoughts and don't allow some of them. I also learned to not choose the easy path. It helps me seeing the world the way it really is (like you dont start with sex with woman, you first talk to them, then maybe have friendship, then maybe something more - so its lots of work - not like in P. movies). I also learned that whatever I eat which is unhealthy will do me no good, the same with thoughts and things I watch or read. I use to like horror movies, now I really dont feel like watching them. I am starting to like living life with no strong emotions induces by dopamine rush. I am not entirely healed - I still have P. thoughts or fantasies - I can stop them after some few seconds, but when they come I do feel the how dopamine or whatever it is flows thru my brain giving me pleasure. I am aware of how unhealthy and wrong this is, and where this ends. I hope this whole "brain rewiring" is true, but if its not - then I am ready to live life the way it is. There are more things, I am married and my wife like it more when Iam honest to her, she does not masturbate so we now both give pleasures to each other - waiting for a proper time. I probably dont have to tell how much time I have wasted on P - and now can use it on productive things.
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    The benefits for me
    I wouldn't necessarily day benefits . What they are is what I am .

    Pmo takes a part of you away . Like a battery with 50% power .

    After pmo your body and mind take time to recover back to 100%

    With no pmo . Your at peak and focusing in n moving forward from.there

    There is a thing called laws of attraction what you put out into the world can create attraction . This all comes from within .

    When your at 100 your dopamine is healthy your testosterone is primed and you are driven . Even if you don't fully realise it .

    Pmo is a lazy man's tool ( yes we're only human) but it makes you lazy . Less hungry less driven .

    NoFap makes me more intense it brings the good, but also the bad .
    The bad I reckon is just a build up of testosterone and sometimes pmo takes the edge off .

    But a better example . I used to drink at this bar maybe 3-4 times a week . Not always to get drunk . Mid week I'd have gone down with freinds plated pool are a burger and had one or two beers . The weekends everyone would be down and usually would be drunk .
    Lots of women . And usually we would go to different bars or clubs . And at one point I was going out with the bar made .

    Here's the thing . I would watch porn early in the week . By mid week I stopped and didn't watch any porn over the weekend . By the time the weekend landed I was full of energy and just went out and had a good time . At the time NoFap wasn't well know and I certainly had no idea about it . I just subconsciously knew what pmo did the my drive and energy levels . The last thing you want is to be out and you really can be bothered because you pmoed to porn .

    Porn is just a Sap
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  13. Instagram photos of girls in bikinis. Youtube videos where it may be fetish specific. Tiktok videos of girls dancing. Facebook photos. Newspaper articles. I can go on, there is so much content out there that will turn you on and you'll feel a need to masturbate
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  14. In my opinion it puts our progress at risk or at worst on hold. If you look at it once, but then go back to doing what you were doing before than I think you're fine. But if looking at porn substitutes is something you do on a regular basis, your brain is being reminded of what you were doing before. Your urges will start to get stronger and stronger before you finally give in which doesn't undo your progress but certainly puts a stop to it. An analogy I like to use is drinking salt water when you're thirsty or scratching an itch.
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    Same thing with Instagram
  16. I think its safe to say that it is impossible to avoid all of these. It's quite depressing to me because the complete elimination of seeing pictures of women even in the most innocent form is next to impossible. I don't know what to do.
    I'm not on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter or anything. I'm only on WhatsApp. Obviously I don't watch porn anymore. I have a few pictures of my female friends just for the sake of having a picture of my friend. Coincidental some of them are female which I also think is the biggest mistake I've made in my life.
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