What has Nofap helped you with?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by luke775, Jul 17, 2021.

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    Hey guys,

    I used to have a great Nofap streak but have recently slipped back into watching p and m. I'm trying to start Nofap again but I'm struggling to quit and struggling to find the motivation. I just wanted to ask a few questions about how Nofap has helped you guys? I figured it would give me some motivation.

    1. How has Nofap helped with your motivation and ability to get things done? I currently have so many business ideas that could make so much money but i just don't have the motivation to start. I also want to start going to the gym, I'm hoping Nofap will give me the motivation I need to do these things.

    2. How has nofap helped with your mood and stress levels?

    3. How has nofap helped with talking to girls and your overall relationship with girls?

    All answers are extremely helpful so thankyou to anyone that takes the time to reply! Keep it up with your streaks guys, I hope to be joining you soon. fuck porn.
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    1. Completely stopped videogames addiction since childhood. Social media and tv too. (Just abstained from it all already about 2years)
    2. Clearer mind and more respect towards both genders (especially women).
    3. Got my grades up really fast and started reading books
    4. Motivation to everything including working out etc.
    5. It helped me socialize but
    The list goes on and on..
    (I actually didn't write the numbers of the question according to yours but I guess that'll work out lol)
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  3. While I still am doing pmo quite often, especially during the summer and have backtracked on my streaks, I can still compare my life to the first years I solely did pmo and the years after I discovered nofap and tried to abstain consciously while knowing the harms it does to me. My anxiety levels have dropped significantly and I have been more easily been able to talk to people that are not in my close circle. Motivation to act on my goals like consistently working out, reading and studying have improved.

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