What have you learnt since starting NoFap

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  1. Hi all - I realise that everyone is going to have different experiences and ideas but what is your best single piece of NoFap gold that you have learnt about addiction and recovery since commencing your NoFap journey.

    Hoping by reading a few more I can get even more resources to deal with my issues.

  2. "As long as you think it is easy, it is easy"
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  3. "But if you start to believe it´s all just a piece of cake, you might be very close to relapse."
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    keep away from triggering material, ie social media. i turn away when i see something which might turn me on.
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    And don't watch erotic/porn to challenge yourself - it's bad idea
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  6. I'm still learning to free myself from this addiction but at the moment I'm deciding fervently in the mind that it's no longer an option in life, that I just have to find other ways to deal... & to stick with it no matter how hard it gets.
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