What music inspires you to accomplish your goals??

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by EyeofJudgement, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. EyeofJudgement

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    Hey I would like if anyone who wishes to do so would share music that inspires them to grow and accomplish their goals. As the starter of the thread I’ll share one, which is also by my favourite band so here it goes.
    The concept it’s very much related to personal growth.

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  2. I cant see your video because I have a blocker for youtube because it is too risky. But Im presuming you're a king crimson fan which is awesome.
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  3. EyeofJudgement

    EyeofJudgement Fapstronaut

    Yeah I am, the video is actually for 46 and 2 by Tool. I’m a big prog Rock fan so I listen to pretty much anything with an odd time signature but I also enjoy stuff like Level 42 or Thundercat. Also what do you mean it’s too risky?
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  4. Wicked, yeah I saw king crimson live last year it was so good. And when I mean ‘it’s too risky’ I find it hard to stay away from the pornographic content on that site.
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  5. gsherman100

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    You should check out Porcupine Tree, or Planet X, if you dig prog rock. I’m a progressive metal, djent, and ambient guy myself but I dabble in prog rock every once in a while.
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  6. EyeofJudgement

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    Oh cool man, they were coming over to my country this year but besides having no money for tickets they ran out the very day they started selling them and only the really expensive ones were left. And I get the YouTube thing, pretty much any media is oversexualised, that’s the very reason I got rid of Facebook and Instagram a while ago.
  7. EyeofJudgement

    EyeofJudgement Fapstronaut

    Yeaaaah porcupine tree is great, haven’t heard Planet X though. I’ll give it a listen. Thanks for the recommendation.
  8. Depends what you mean by goals. Sometimes to get myself going and started on my day if I start off lazy I would bump old school hiphop or beethoven/mozart.

    It depends on what you mean by goals. Meaning if you mean to achieve enlightenment, job promo, or everyday activities. Like laundry

    Also I listen to old school funk when motivating me before I start to write without instrumentals. Which I don't really make music like that but sometimes I'll do it so it's more like poetry and what I want to talk about. More serious
  9. jarvyjarvison

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    This song inspires me to get out there and live life. One of my goals is to have more fun.
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  10. Stitch 626

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  11. This shit smacks, hard. I just would never play this if one of my friends handed me the aux cord. Can only be played on occasion
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  12. EyeofJudgement

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    Well yeah, I meant whoever’s appreciation of what a goal was, that’s why I said your goals. So you like funk then? That’s great, I’m guessing some Isley brothers, tower of power or Bootsy Collins. I love Bootsy.
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  13. EyeofJudgement

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    That’s cool, my brother really likes Avicii. So sad he passed away, im sure he had much more to give.
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  14. Oh yeah, yeah
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  15. EyeofJudgement

    EyeofJudgement Fapstronaut

    Wow didn’t know that one, sounds like good workout music. Im gonna try it next time I workout.
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  16. EyeofJudgement

    EyeofJudgement Fapstronaut

    Yeah.... it smacks man but I get you it’s like playing all the parts of shine on you crazy diamond when they pass you the aux chord at a party, it just doesn’t work out. I know I did it once, maybe it wasn’t the right party but wathever, Beethoven and pink Floyd both smack.
  17. Future role model

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  18. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    Depends on the situation. lose yourself--eminem is what I would probably listen to right before a single high-pressure/stress situation
  19. EyeofJudgement

    EyeofJudgement Fapstronaut

    Oh I don’t know if you are an all instrumental kind of guy but if you haven’t listened to Iamthemorning or the dear hunter you might like them, there are vocals but it’s a similar atmosphere to that song, a bit more on the rock side for dear the hunter. Thanks for sharing.
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  20. Stitch 626

    Stitch 626 Fapstronaut

    If you want, I can share my personal workout playlist, full of skullbreaking symphonies. Haha

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