What other language do wish you could speak?

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  1. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    I know we have a lot of bi-lingual people on here, which is really impressive, some speak better than native English speakers. So my question is what other language would you like to speak fluently and why?
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    FGHTFRLF Fapstronaut

    I would want to speak Spanish or Portuguese (well, I was learning Spanish for a bit). This is because I already know a couple of languages, and knowing one of those two means that I’ve already covered a whole load of countries which I can speak in. Lots of other countries have their own languages which are just small differences to Spanish or Portuguese, such as Italy having Italian (not as much of a difference between Spanish, making it somewhat easy to understand).
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  3. Parz1val

    Parz1val Fapstronaut

    True. It's the same vice versa. A friend of mine is Italian and understand a lot of things in Spanish. I still want to learn Italian. If someone wants to share their experience on how to learn a language. I would appreciate that! :)
  4. Portuguese, because there's a village in Brazil populated mostly by women. I forget the name of it, but whilst I'm struggling with PMO I don't see me getting a Brazilian wife.
  5. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    german and japanese......because i know a little of them
    "ich leben dish"- german
    "watashi wa udit desu"- japanese
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  6. Speaking the language is one thing, immersing yourself in the culture and being comfortable with it is another.
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    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    Why sit and wish to speak that language when you can get up and learn it?
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  8. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    yoroshiku onegai shimasu
  9. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    Now.....I don't know this much
    Ohayo gozai masu
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  10. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    C'mon bro use kanji or hirigana?
  11. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    i learned japanese in my college in 2014......so i nearly forgot everything...
    there is katakana.......which is very difficult....
  12. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    i wonder if @MLMVSS knows katakana?
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  13. Italian or Spanish. Also because I'm a bit of a hipster Esperanto or Elvish.
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  14. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    Me gusta!
  15. Jason_Tesla_19

    Jason_Tesla_19 Fapstronaut

    Yo aprendo español porque yo vivo donde muchas personas lo hablan. Yo estudio español con Duolingo y unos libros.
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  16. Italian, because I’ve always felt drawn to that country. Not romanticizing Italy, I know it has its problems, but something about the culture and history just really make me want to be a part of their country. Plus my fathers side is Italian so I’ve always wanted to explore where my family came from.
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  17. Trevelyan357

    Trevelyan357 Fapstronaut

    I would have to go with German. I hear a lot of people say that it is a harsh sounding language (personally I think the oriental languages sound harsh). I just enjoy listening to people who speak it.
  18. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    The dialect is completely different and the word structure but it is totally worth exploring, I like studying all kinds of different languages!
  19. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    Gutten morgan
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  20. I've always wanted to be able to speak fluent ASL. Or I guess "sign" fluent ASL. I just think it's a beautiful language, and while people who speak another language can always learn to speak English if they come to the U.S., a lot of deaf people who are reliant on ASL dont have the option of learning another way to communicate. So I think it would be cool if more people learned ASL and could give them a break from having to read lips all the time.
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