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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Sherlock_Poems, Nov 3, 2019.

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    I have every moment if the day pretty planned out. I have a gap in the middle where I exercise often. And the beginning of the day is spent in prep and organization.
    The end of the day is weird.
    I'm tired mentally from the day. It's hard to focus and think without a stimulus like black tea or something.
    But my body is crazy hyper.
    I try to distract and numb typically. Via entertainment (leading to reset) or over eating.
    It's only the last 3-4 hours of the day.
    I live in Alaska so it's too cold and dark to spend time outside. And I'm living in a camper so theit isn't room for activity.
    Of there was a way to calm my body and engage my mind that would help.

    TL:DR I'm hyper at night. But also stupid.
    How do I engage my mind but calm my body?
    I want to study truthfully. But brain is uncooperative
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    For me I had to learn how to control those times when I had no time. I don't think you need to fill up your schedule so you have no time, but learn control. If you have free time and feel urges, meditate. On anything, secular, religious or whatever. The point is creating new pathways that your brain learns and goes down that road instead of temptation

    Humans take the path of least resistance and that's why overeating is so easy to do. It's a part of human nature to take easy Street but I challenge you, if you want any lasting results, you must put in the hard work to change.

    *Edit, Chanting helped me. Tibetan Chanting will calm your mind, did wonders for me

    I then moved on to praise and worship music and that has sustained me, I suppose a lot of people think it's crazy but when you are a man who comes to the end of your rope you will do anything for relief. I can feel God moving in that music right in my soul and heals all wounds that I had

    Good luck to you brother
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    Meditation is a great way to engage your mind while calming your body. It can help you sleep better, and it also has MANY benefits for tour daily life that can improve your focus and mental stamina, mood balance, thought control, etc.
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    'Entertainment' is ok, but make it something edifying and far away from the possibility of replapse. Try reading fiction or listen to an audio book while going for a walk or doing housework. Even doing a deep clean of your home can be a satisfying ritual if approached with the right mindset.

    Social time is very important too. Try meeting up with people to exercise or have a catch up or whatever. If you have difficulty organising this, join a club/society. Have a google what is going on in your area.
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