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What's your religious affiliation?

  1. None

  2. Catholicism

  3. Orthodoxy & Oriental Churches

  4. Protestantism

  5. Sunnism

  6. Shi'ism

  7. Hinduism

  8. Judaism

  9. Buddhism

  10. Folk religion

  1. It's getting warmer. :D
  2. I'm not starting a war by saying "I respectfully disagree." I'm not interested in an argument on the subject, but I'm also not gonna lie about what I believe. I'm just stating an opinion in a respectful, non confrontational manner, so chill.
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  3. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    People get angry when you are respectful. Like when you say "No offence".
  4. We've avoided one religious war but now you want to start another one by taking a joke literally?

    On a more serious note, despite the assurance your original comment can hardly be considered non confrontational. Accusing a different Christian church of not being Christian is an obvious provocation. Assuming that's what you meant as you posted a simple sentence without any meat on it.
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  5. What are you talking about? You are the one who made this poll and distinguished between Catholocism and Protestantism, so clearly you see them as different as well.

    Idk why you're trying to make this into some drama. Sorry if you don't like my opinion, but Catholics and Protestants believe a lot of very different things and there are extremely important distinctions between the two. That's not an insult and I didn't say it to be provocative. It's just what I know to be true from learning about the different religions. Would it be insulting if I said that Muslims and Protestants are different? No... so I don't see why it's so insulting to say that Protestants and Catholics are different. Especially when you made them separate categories in your own poll.
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  6. Jake Jilg

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    I'm an anti-natal (monk-almost) && nonpracticing (baptized/confirmed) Catholic, with nonsacrilegious Devil worshiping (go forth and multiply, but pregnancy is the original sin so nudity is shame and childbirth is punishment) features.
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  7. zeekland

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    Kinda forgot a big one...Christianity, Catholics are not the same as Christians.
  8. @Castielle the catholic, protestant and orthodox churches are all one religion last time I checked. They're different forms of christianity, yes, but all consider themselves and each other christian except when they want to start shit. The same goes with sunnis and shias - two different forms of the same muslim religion. Capisci?

    @zeekland wow, you too? I didn't expect that an instruction manual would be needed for the poll.

    Mormons, Jehova's witnesses and others who don't fit either of the three big groups were left out for a lack of space.
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  9. letter

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    My Journal
    As someone who is neither Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox, please allow me to settle this matter.

    They are not same religion. They may have similar beliefs, but they are not the same religion. Calling Protestantism and Catholicism the same religion is akin to calling Judaism & Christianity the same because they both include many of the same scriptures and hold many similar beliefs.

    There are specific, fundamental beliefs that are different between each of these branches which are then expressed in different religious practices. Like, the Catholics have a pope, the Protestants do not. That is a huge difference. These are not the same religions. Similar? Yes. Same? No.

    Are any of them Christianity? That’s a big question. Let’s examine Jesus. Was Jesus a Jew? How did Jesus rise to start all these other “branches” of religion outside of Judaism from within it? Does that not have bearing on the structure and meaning of what Jesus started? Just when you think you’ve got this Jesus dude all figured out and have Him pinned down to a set of beliefs and have built a church around those beliefs, He rises out of them just like He rose out of Judaism.

    Christianity is about following Jesus. There are some in the Protestant camp who follow, there are some in the Catholic camp who follow, there are some in the Orthodox camp who follow. None of these followers make the thing they are in the church, for it is the humans who follow Jesus who are the church. I cannot in good conscious call any of the sets of doctrinal beliefs that make a religion to be “Christian” because faith is displayed in action, not recorded in words.

    Thus, in summary:
    • All three camps are their own separate religion due to major fundamental differences in doctrine.
    • None of these camps can lay claim to being Christian because being Christian is an indivual person’s faith as displayed in action through life as they follow Jesus.
    • The church is all these Christians who faithfully follow Jesus, no matter camp they may be in.
    • Thus each camp contains some Christians without actually being Christian because the church transcends the boundaries of man’s doctrinal ideas of what the church should be.
    I hope this is a workable enough summary of the state of modern Christian practice so that this thread doesn’t explode.


    P.s. mea culpa — understand my words will never adequately describe and summarize this issue for the very reason I said them. No words will ever be good enough. Only God is good enough. Mea culpa.
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  10. Thanks for the high effort writeup which I'm sure will have value to someone reading this but I'm afraid it has nothing to do with my stance. I'm not interested nor able to debate theology, I'm simply interested in stats. Christianity is traditionally considered to be a religion, the creeds of the three main branches proclaim themselves to be a part of it, and the respective religious leaders generally respect and acknowledge the membership of the other churches in global Christendom. Therefore they're all considered Christian by census takers.
  11. SolitaryScribe

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    LOL good times
  12. SolitaryScribe

    SolitaryScribe Fapstronaut

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on why you consider them different religions.
  13. SolitaryScribe

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    I agree
  14. drac16

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    I identify as a non-denominational christian. I go to a Baptist church and I agree with almost everything they teach, so perhaps I am a baptist. I'm also a charismatic; I believe that the gifts of the Spirit found in 1 Corinthians 12 & 14 are still active today. :)
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  15. Again, I respectfully disagree. Sorry that offends you so much, but it is what it is.

    Thank you.

    As I've already stated, I'm not interested in getting into a debate. I said what I wanted to say. There is no winning with certain people. If I say I don't want to debate, people get mad. If I do debate, people get mad. I'm sick of the drama. I'm not interested in a debate, nor did I think my simple "thanks for separating Catholics and Protestants" statement would spark such drama.

    I find it funny that certain people here act like I'm the one starting drama, when all I said was a pretty harmless statement of opinion. I'm not the one trying to turn it into an argument, like other people seem to want to do. If yall want to argue about it, go for it. Im not interested.
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  16. That's the issue here. You're equating me saying that Catholics and Protestants are not the same religion as me "disrespecting" them. It wasn't meant that way at all. I know plenty of Catholic people, and I'm sure a lot of them have very similar beliefs to me, and even if they don't, they obviously deserve respect and love just like any other person of any religion. I wasnt trying to say some disrespectful, inflammatory statement made to "start shit" as you claim. You're putting tons of assumptions onto my intentions here, and I don't really appreciate it. I'm not trying to disrespect anyone or start any wars or make anyone feel bad. I'm sorry if my statement did that in any way, but it wasn't my intention at all. Everyone have a great day.
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  17. SolitaryScribe

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    I won't get offended. I was just curious about what your thoughts were, i like to hear peoples side of the story.
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  18. SolitaryScribe

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  19. I know you won't get offended. You're a very reasonable person. But other people have clearly already gotten offended just by me saying one tiny little thing, so I'm not interested in discussing it.

    Also, I'm really busy at the moment, and I honestly don't have the time to put enough thought and effort into my response as I think I would need to in order to be clear and not say something that isn't true or accurate just out of a lack of time to fully research. I've learned a lot, but I can't recall all of it off the top of my head without doing research, which I don't have time for.
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  20. If you're not Catholic, you're probably Protestant, which is on the list. If you're a Christian, I mean.

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