What's your why? What motivates you?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Jrmz94, May 1, 2019.

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    So I started nofap...again. I just completed 3 days. My goal right now is to do 30 days and then 60 days etc. I have goals and dreams that I want to accomplish in life and I also want to improve my personal life. For example: my health, personal finance, my social life. I just want to know whats your why? Why are doing nofap and what motivates you? For me: I'm tired of feeling like shit. In tired of being poor, I'm tired of procrastinating and not having confidence to approach a girl and ask her out. And I also want to get laid
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    My why is same as you :)
    i want improvement in every aspect of my life. I hope u get everything that u want <3
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    Same boat here. I want to improve myself and date some nice women.

    I aim to measure success by the effort put into improving myself first, as that's in my control.

    Previous streaks I've measured success by the amount of good interactions I've had with women, which is largely out of my control. That lead to frustration with dating, and not enough focus on my general improvement in life, which lead to relapses lol.

    Let's get this guys!
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    Why? Let him speak for me:

    (Don't worry. Video without brutal spoilers here. I'm not going to be meth lord(lol) but he is god damn right)

    I have obsessive-compulsive disorder since I am 9 years old. Fortunately - I learned how to life with that and I can functional normaly. Still have some weird rituals but.. it's way better than couple years ago. I was afraid of everything, I wasn't even able to wash myself in bathroom. After this nightmare - I was still too scared and too lazy to improve my life somehow. I always wanted to do something - Write books or videogames, create animations or play on instrument etc. but after for example couple pages of my written story I just threw that into trash. Why? ,,Who would read this? This is complete crap, everyone will laugh right in front of my face"

    Then I came to high school and I meet pornography. This ,,innocent, little thing" cut 2 years from my life. TWO YEARS can you imagine that? I could do something else with that energy, maybe I could even win with my low self-esteem! Instead, I am still afraid of being rejected and I've gone in it even deeper.

    So.. I ran into pornography cause I don't saw any point in my life. I don't had any big hobby or passion and I was too scared to change it. I was a dreamer, without any hope to realize my dreams.

    Nothing worth having comes easy. I don't want to be coward anymore, it's time to change my entire life and live fully without any worries - It's time to realize my dreams.

    My main goal for now is to buy new guitar and keep practice on my old guitar until it happen. After that - Maybe I'll find some people to create a band? Who knows?

    PS: Sorry for grammar issues. English isn't my native language
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    I guess what motivates me most is love. I want to experience true love and masturbation gets in the way of that.
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