When I was sure that I am free- I relapsed

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by A.Z, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. A.Z

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    62 days.
    It's two days more than the last strike.
    61 days I woke up straight to do my morning routine. But yesterday I didn't. I pushed away my alarm, and returned to sleep. I woke up two hours later, horny as hell.
    But I did nothing that I would normally do in moments of strong urges.. I did not take a cold shower, nor walk out, not even work out. I let my brain telling me that I am over my addiction. I let him tell me that I don't need to worry, because there is no chance the I would relapse.

    Three hours later I was in my room, after relapsing, my thing still in my hand.. and I just couldn't believe that I fell like that. In few moments I have ruined months of work. And actually, it wasn't even fun. It felt like shit, not even three seconds of pleasure.

    So I entered the shower, put it on the coldest water, and promised myself that I'm continuing my process. That stupid moment won't make me return to be that crappy man I was. No fucking way that I am not starting again, right now, and becoming better than I ever was.

    Day 1, here we go again.
  2. k3muthomi

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    Take heart bro. Just make sure you dont binge that would make it worse
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  3. Theoneking08

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    Don’t be too hard on yourself learn from it and move on and under no circumstance start a binge. Eat something rich in omega 3s and good fats to replenish your reservoir keep climbing
  4. UnitedWeStand

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    Relapsed on day 256 fixing severe pied. Though i ruined all my work all there days. Sex is getting better as it didnt affect me at all. Dont be mad with yourself. Relapse is temporary sad feelings are a loss. As it was mentioned above, make sure not to binge and start over for a better streak. Relapses are a part of this process so accept them and get most out of your relapse, my relapse didnt affect me at all. I introduced cold showers, meditation exercising and diet and erections/libido are getting better and better!
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  5. Rojas202

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    Same happened to me bro. I'm with you. Day 1 as well.
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