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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Onehope, May 22, 2019.

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    Hello everyone, I've been trying to quit pmo for almost two years and there has been no luck. My longest streak was 45 days. The reasons I started to do nofap was because of where porn was taking me, and it's the problem with escalation. I escalate really quick when I get into porn, at first the regular stuff is enough, then it's not. It escalates into hardcore, then it does nothing for me, and so forth. I get to a point where I'm looking at rape fantasy, and you know where this is going. It's messed up and it makes me feel sick in the end.

    I am going to speak only for myself when I say I cannot quit masturbating. I can lower the amount of times I do it per week because doing it all the time is also a waste of time and energy, but when I stop all together I have a ridiculously strong relapse that I can't get out of for months.

    My goal now is to stop watching porn completely and rewire my brain to not need porn's stimuli to reach an orgasm. In truth I don't even know why I watch porn because nothing really works anymore.

    My previous relationship taught me how to be in touch and sync with my own body and I could reach orgasms with my gf just fine, in fact I felt better having real sex than masturbating. But now that I'm single I need some form of release, it helps me lower my anxiety and stress.

    However using porn that I'm not proud of only increases my anxiety and stress.

    Anyway, just wanted to throw out there my goal, I wish to be completely porn free for the rest of my life, and it starts today. Wish me luck.
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    I think this is something worth at least attempting. I recently relapsed after over 300 days due to stress, and the orgasm I felt was so weak it was barely there. At first I was confused but then I realised that wet dream orgasms were still insanely strong, and then it hit me; over the course of the streak, I had managed to successfully rewire myself to not enjoy PMO, at least to some degree. I obviously still succumbed to it in the moment, but thats all it was; a moment of weakness, whereas in the past a relapse would trigger a binge I knew was bad but felt compelled to act out. With that in mind its a good idea to attempt to rewire in this way, I would say getting rid of the influence of porn is the most important thing, at least in our cases.
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    I am there with you on the escalation of content that will get you off. That was also a big part of why I just need to stop all together. It was getting to the point where I couldn't get off alone. I had to have a partner at the very least in a chat room, but usually I'd voice or video, which is risky these days with all the blackmail that happens. Why would I trust a complete stranger in this way....it makes no sense and the sense of regret after doing THAT was so much more than anything I'd felt in just PMO.
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    I remember the time I was away from porn, it was amazing. I got excited just by looking at a woman, and everything seem better, more colorful. When you go too deep into this hole of addiction things begin to seem more gray, like everything is boring and you lack motivation. I just want to feel alive again, porn makes me feel dead inside.
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