who wants to get abs with me?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by BravelyKegger, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. BeautyForAshes

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    Hello Timmy. No problem! Soon as I get home from work today.
  2. TIMMY0110

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    Thanks pal. Share it whenever you are free.
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  3. pullingup

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    I'm on board. I'm close to my ab goals already. I've los about 40lbs over the last two years and done a fair bit of ab workouts during that time. I can see my six pack pretty well now, just a whip of fat loss and I'm there.

    What has really helped me just recently has been turning my focus on oblique workouts and doing some stomach vacuums. Obliques gives you that sideline for your abs and I think makes them really look good. Vacuums have "tucked in" my abs so they look better even if they haven't grown considerably.

    Keep working hard guys!
  4. TiG3RKaT

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    Guys I can't lose my lower belly fat , any tips?
  5. BravelyKegger

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    cardio and diet
  6. BeautyForAshes

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    Hello, my good man Timmy. I haven't forgotten about you. I been asked to work a lot of overtime lately. The regimen I followed is revolutionary. I can't promise abs and mass monster size in a week, but I can promise you won't look the same afterwards.

    Anyhow, before bed, I'd like to share a secret about how I got huge biceps without exercising them. Growing up, I did an extreme number of reps for wide push-ups(1000) and eventually got weights and a bench, but only did bench presses. So my triceps and chest were huge for my age(15-18). My bicep to triceps ratio was "passive". But, one day, out of sheer boredom, I was flexing my biceps at a weird angle and made them incredible sore(kinda like a cramp). Honestly, it felt kinda good, so I kept doing it. They continued to become more and more sore. And one morning, I've noticed that they increased in size, significantly. Conveniently, a friend of mine had a 75 lbs dumbbell, just lying around in his yard. I actually curled it with ease. To me, that was an impressive starting weight for a guy who never curls. So, I can only assume the increase in mass leads to more strength. I kept doing this and experience more and more growth.

    If you found that interesting, here's how I did it. Clench up your fist and place it on the back of your neck; elbows attempting to face up to the ceiling. Now, try and touch the opposite scapula; like if flexing your right bicep, attempt to touch your left scapula( I know you may not fully reach), and at this point, you can unclench your fist if you want. Try extending your elbow more vertical if you can whilst squeezing your forearm and bicep together. You should get a very sore, crampy type feeling. Hold this position as long as you can, and perform this multiple times until you are satisfied.

    I rediscovered this recently after trying this same method with my triceps(i'll explain later). IMO, it's actually working for the triceps too. I'll try to find one for the abs, but we all know your body fat ratio may obscure results. I know a ridiculous amount of "body hacks" that helped contributed to my physique. Lately, I've been incorporating this method during and post workouts. The gains are more and more noticeable.
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  7. I'm down but I'm a girl
  8. BravelyKegger

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    thats no probem, all genders are welcome!.
  9. Rahab

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    Would join but I am ashamed of my body (bright skin as hell and actinic dermatitis gives me undesired pickles on my body). Thus I am not as skinny as you ^^
  10. CTRL + DEL

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    I only really started my WO today, but this is what I did:

    1. High Stepping x40
    2. Jumping Jacks x40
    3. Standing Bicycle Crunches x20
    4. Mountain Climber x20
    5. Abdominal Crunches x20
    6. Heel Touches x20
    7. Plank: 30s
    8. Standing Bicycle Crunches x20
    9. Mountain Climber x20
    10. Abdominal Crunches x10
    11. Heel Touch x15
    12. Plank: 30s
    13. Cobra Stretch: 20s
    14. Lying Twist Stretch (Left): 20s
    15. Lying Twist Stretch (Right): 20s

    My body is absolutely sore but it was so worth it because not only am I massively satisfied with my endurance and too tired to [email protected], I can already see the contours revealing themselves.

    Good luck to all :)
    I'll post my daily regimen here everyday because it will vary from time to time.
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  11. alecolson

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    Hello, I am starting the simple weight loss program #2 from here: http://www.startbodyweight.com/p/some-sample-custom-programs.html

    I've done powerlifting before at the gym but really let go a year ago. I want to start getting into bodyweight training lose some of this weight and hopefully do a handstand pushup in a few months.

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