Why do we exist?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by de severn, Mar 20, 2019.

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    Why do we exist? What is life? What is the purpose of my unique perspective in this plane of reality? Why am I here to endure life and all of its obstacles?

    Am I here to masturbate, get fat and sick, never be happy, and be always in the lazy pursuit of some hackneyed fantasy?

    I hope not.

    I want true companionship and a meaningful life where icicles, desert sand, the miracle of photosynthesis, butterfly metamorphosis, and distant galaxies aren’t clouded in my perspective.

    Even if I never answer the above questions in my lifetime, I take myself farther away from my intelligence and my power over my experience when I PMO. I want to learn self-discipline and gain control over my actions. After all, I am supposed to be the master of my impulses so why is it so hard to control arousal? There is no immediate benefit from having a pointless orgasm. Sure, there’s a release of feel-good chemicals that the brain receives as a reward system but I doubt masturbating helps me accomplish anything other than what’s visceral.
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  3. I think you just have to accept that we exist. On the other hand, now we are here it seems to me that our own personal reality is formed by the infinite amount of experiences we have had in our lifetime. It is known that the brain is 'plastic'. It can be moulded to 'see' our reality as we see it by many different things we have been exposed to. How we see the world is influenced by our thoughts which in turn control our emotions. When we are very young our brain is at its most 'plastic' and that's how we can learn to read/speak/write with no conscious effort, given the right education. This also means the brain is learning how to do all sorts of other things at that time. It is learning how to form relationships with other people, it is learning what emotions are and how to feel in certain situations. Our brain absorbs everything like a sponge when we are very young. As we get older it is less 'plastic' but can still be changed depending on what we are exposed to. I believe now that with the right knowledge and perseverance you can change how you view your personal reality. Nofap is a part of this.
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    What's the general age where the brain can get less plastic?
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    We exist to move forward, time only moves one direction and we cannot undo the past or wasted time.

    We are here for only so many minutes. They can be good, bad, wasted or lost minutes. I have wasted way to many minutes on PMO and looking back hoping to change what's back there. We exist and time keeps pushing forward, often times even if we are not ready.

    So, I have taken to understand that we exist to keep moving forward and try to make the future one worth existing in.

    "Don't look behind
    'Cause a tear that never dries can only make you blind
    You've got to try
    Cause the future's never, never going to die"
  6. When you hit puberty generally. Different parts of the brain have different 'critical periods'. If you want to learn more about this read the book 'The Brain That Changes Itself'.
  7. Our reason we exist is the same as ants, fish, worm, bird, dog... deal with it
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    Why shouldn't we exist life is great;).
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    Life is different for everyone.
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