Why do women apparently enjoy being "dominated?"

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Third_Eye, Sep 18, 2017.

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    Just to give an example, I was out for lunch grabbing some milk for work.

    I know the girl who works in my office loves her shortbread. (She's super petite and super feminine) So I politely asked her if she wanted some shortbread.

    She replied.

    'Oooh that sounds lovely, but I have to watch my waistline :('

    I could have been the gentleman and said 'Oh OK are you sure'. To which she would have replied with someone chicklike indecisive reply.

    I knew what had to be done, I said, 'Well that's nice and all but I'm getting some anyway!'

    Then followed a string of smiley faces. LOL
  2. This is really a generalization and some women may want that and some may not. Personally I think it's less about "being dominated" and more about being with a dominate man. Meaning one how can take charge and take care of you. One who knows how to call the shots or let women be somewhat submissive and just enjoy being taken care of. Women spend all their time taking care of others all day everyday...they want to relish and enjoy in the bedroom. (And cared for after too) Where that be strickly vanilla or kinky is up to the couple. Now don't get me wrong, there is a definite yin n yang or balance that needs to happen and women need to put it on their men too.
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    This is the very definition of anti-science. It is the false dichotomy of forcing a choice between either "generalizations" or "individuals" when both are applicable in different situations.

    Presumably you find, for eg IQ data - that clearly shows men with a wide IQ distribution whereas women have a much more tightly grouped distribution - to be sexist...
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    It's a bit of general question here. Though, this may come as a bit of a generalisation with my answer. Women tend to like men who can 'dominate', is because they tend to like men who are decisive. Which in turn shows that they're self-assured and have confidence. It goes without saying that women like men who are confident.
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    Could be daddy issues

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