With this stuff, comes Tests.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ArtPoet21, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. ArtPoet21

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    Good morning, I just woke up and I'm on my 80 something days of this thing. I don't like to keep count but I know I'm on 80 something days.

    Right now, I'm just feeling a spiritual high, I know we're living on hard times because of this coronavirus situation. But this morning, I walked around the house and took the time to admire the sunrise, took a nice long deuce and reflect upon this blissful feeling that I'm experiencing.

    Last night, while I was lying in bed I was tested and tempted really bad. My imagination started running really wild over this certain person that keeps entering my mind. I tried to resist, but then I remembered the breathing technique to help calm an urge.

    It's were you take a few deep breaths, inhale, exhale and focus on your spine. Inhale, take a deep breathe til the air reaches all the way up on your spine, then exhale and repeat as necessary. Then after that, I suggest you focus on the things why you should not be thinking of this person. It could be things such as she's a potential tranny, ( a lot of famous and popular pornstars are, if you do the research.) she's a distraction to your goals, if you're a christian like me, it could that she's bad for your faith and spiritual vibe etc.

    Last night, I was tested. The thing is with this stuff, you're like a soldier out in the middle east. There's going to be long days were it's boring, you're not getting that much urges, but bam! out of nowhere the enemy strikes and you're tempted really hard. When you do, you gotta have a set of tool box to combat those temptations.

    I'll keep you guys updated and write another reflective post when I get to my 100th day.
  2. PowerfulSRE

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    Awesome. Congrats on your 80 days! Keep going friend!
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  3. Stream07

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    Well done, buddy. Keep up the good work. I liked your metaphor about middle east. Actually, I'm writing from middle east, and fighting my own battle right now!;)

    Hoping the best for you and anyone who's trying to defeat this monster.
  4. Much Ado About Nutting

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    This whole thing is a test. It is a problem that needs to be solved before progress in any other areas is really possible. I've seen that with my own story. As long as I stay away from porn, my life can progress and move forward. If I go back, then everythign else suffers as well. I'm really enjoying my freedom and moving forward and I don't want to give that up for anything

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