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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Jun 8, 2019.

What's your best 5k time?

  1. Under 16:00

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  2. Under 18:00

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  3. Under 20:00

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  4. Under 22:00

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  5. Under 25:00

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  6. Under 30:00

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  7. 30:00 or more

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  8. Infinity; never tried it

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  1. I finally realized that I've become a fat slow slob. I'd like to change that but I don't want to do things randomly.

    Unfortunately, all I could google were training plans for a specific distance. But I want to get faster in the 5k and the mile and the 400m. I understand the progress will be much slower when training for all of those distances simultaneously compared to just one at a time but I'm okay with that. I don't aim to compete.

    Any advice?
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  2. Deadlihood

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    Run a 5K with a bear and a bunch of fish strapped to your back
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  3. Just returned from track.

    400 in 81
    1500 in 6:45

    So pathetic lol. I'm pretty sure I ran better times as a third grader.

    I'll leave the 5k for tomorrow.
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  4. Paul69

    Paul69 Fapstronaut

    Interval training, 3 to 4 times per week. There are online schedules which will help you improve
  5. Practice; but weights > cardio anyways
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  6. Yeah. I'll build upon and add in some short sprints.
    In retrospect, fuck that. I'm pretty sore after yesterday. I think I'll postpone my 5k time trial until I've trained for some time. No need to kill myself for a day or two just to learn how much I currently suck.

    I went for an easy run instead. 4k @ 6:14 pace
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  10. Sprints

    The shins and the left knee are protesting such treatment. I hope I didn't snap anything up.
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  11. Legs healed overnight so let's keep going.
    15 min bis, tris, abs
    15 min plyo HIIT

    I grabbed the cardio routine from a female youtuber thinking it'll be easy... My form deteriorated quickly and I ended up completely fried and even though the original routine was 20m, I had to cut it down to 15. Welp.
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  14. Easy run [email protected]:00

    Turns out that after relapsing and drinking the body regenerates slower. How surprising.
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  15. Paul69

    Paul69 Fapstronaut

    Don't worry, you are doing fine. It is maybe not just the drink; I notice that you have been working out like everyday. You also need to to take some days off, let the body recuperate.
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  16. Woah, I lost 70lb! (My back probably weighed 70lb)
  17. I heeded Paul's advice and took two days off. It seemed like eternity but now I think at least one rest day is justified.

    [email protected]:15
    [email protected]:00
    [email protected]:10
    The whole thing twice.

    Shins hurt for a few moments but overall easy stuff.
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  18. Yesterday's jam gym
    lat pulldown 4x10
    incline press 4x10
    inverted row 3x8
    dips 3x4
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