"You don't need a girlfriend" - A rebuttal

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by SyrusDrake, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Tesslynne

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    "If what the two articles claim is true, and the observation I just described would support it, then that means two things:
    1. My constant desire to find a partner might not primarily have anything to do with the desire to get laid or even to be in a relationship but mainly with wanting to experience physical contact. I mean, that doesn't really change anything because I can't get that either but it currently feels like changing the objective it would take some pressure off of me.
    2. All those people constantly saying that you don't need a girlfriend to be happy aren't technically wrong but they aren't right either, strictly speaking.
    Not having a significant other in your life who can offer you cuddles can have adverse effects on one's well-being."

    Yeah I have heard this called "skin hunger" and I can relate a little bit to really wanting the cuddles :)
  2. the crow

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    Maybe you'd do well with a pet raccoon. If you can persuade one to cuddle you at all, cuddling you will be all they'll ever do.
    Granted, it's not for everyone.
  3. SyrusDrake

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    Thanks, likewise.

    I'm not even sure if that would be legal where I live. I think I'll stick to cats for now...
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  4. Mankrik

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    This is the simple cold logic but it is definitely true and reality. In my opinion love and emotions in general are among other various evolutionary traits that enhance our survival and reproduction.
  5. IggyIshness

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    It makes perfect sense. When you ejaculate your seed is what makes a new human being, rewards you and feels good. you body rewards you will good feelings for reproducing, which we arent doing we are masturbating
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  6. Tesslynne

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    I don't want to trigger anyone but I don't agree about the sex. I think people CAN have porn-style sex and love each other. To me it's more about though, lots of kisses and cuddles whether during it at least some of that before and after. And I also think people can have romantic style sex and NOT love each other.

    I'd love to have a guy who likes both kinds. And I don't want it to be a case of if he loves me he won't ever want crazy sex!

    But, like I said, I see the other affection as part of that. Kissing, cuddles, conversations and so on.

    I don't want to say any more about sex for fear of triggering.

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