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    Hey everyone, So i'm starting to get bored with the things I used to do such as video games and binge watch videos and music. I want to be doing real productive things and things that really make me happy. I'm not too sure what I really enjoy doing though. I've got an idea that I like drawing and maybe would want to learn to play the piano but I'm not sure If I'm really passionate about those two things yet. With all the energy and free time I have after rebooting I just don't know what to do with it. I figured hanging out with my friends to help me with my boredom but I don't know if using people to keep me from being bored is a good thing. What do you guys think? Also what are your hobbies? Things you're passionate about and what you like to do in your free time? I just don't know what I should be doing in my free time to have fun.
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    I think that going out and being with people is a good thing. But in the end you need to relay on yourself most of the time. Sometimes you will be alone and you need to know what to do. The only way to know if you like any activity is doing it. For example, a few weeks ago i reduced my time on my pc, i don't watch tv anymore, and avoid the news and any sort of negative energy, at least until i complete the challenge. I started running a few kms per day, i practice boxing and try to go out and enjoy the summer. I live in Argentina so i'm trying to make the best of the season. You need to discover which are the things you do like. Don't hear others, just hear your inner voice, your intuition and you will find what you are looking for. Reading, doing exercise and meditation are my key activities in my recovery. Just sit quietly, observe your thoughts and ideas will arise. I hope this words help you. Wish you a successful 2017.
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    Thanks man, I guess it's okay for me to be out with friends when I'm bored every now and then. When I'm alone I'm going to need to rely on myself for fun just like you said. I just had this idea that using people to entertain me when I'm bored or lonely was a bad thing. In a way it could be but I should be able to entertain myself if I can't do that. Thanks man I'm going to try new things and see what I really like to do your advice really helped :)
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    Work is my hobby...
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    I discovered many of my passions at my job. I'm a therapist's assistant at a clinic in MA. Much of my work involves paperwork, scheduling appointments, face-to-face interactions with clients, get the idea. I get paid to do what I love which is to act as a proxy between those in need and those willing to help. My existence and purpose for being affects countless lives. And I'm able to make a living.

    So my advice, Kman20, is to look really hard into finding some kind of work. And if you already have a job then look for something that more closely aligns with your passions.
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  6. I've began training in brazilian jiu jitsu and can't recommend it enough! But be careful, it can be addictive. ;)
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    My favourites hobbys are playing music, listening to music, playing videogames, working out, drawing and illustrating, and studying and learning things in general.

    If you are not sure about the piano but you would like to be a musician, you should try some different instruments until you find the right one for you.
    I started with guitar but was always unsure and was always buying new different instruments like armonica, melodica, electric guitar, bass guitar, flute, etc
    Last year i tried to enter a music school to learn violin but the i changed to Viola, so now im studying Viola professionally.

    Right now besides practicing Viola, im playing Elder Scrolls Legends, drawing from time to time, working out almost every day and studying Italian in an app called Duolingo (im learning pretty fast since im native spanish) also trying to read books in italian.

    Its been three days since i started my "no PMO ever again" journey.
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    I have an athletic discipline I've been doing since I was really young, so I really enjoy not only doing that, but physically training for it also. I'm on Day 135 of my reboot and I've noticed some interesting changes with the way I engage athletically. I began stretching when I would get heavy sexual urges - I noticed it has a similar effect as a cold shower - so now I'm super limber compared to training without all the stretching. Also I can see my obliques now. I haven't purposely focused on training them, so I guess not losing the protein everyday is the difference? Or the stretching works the obliques more? Maybe both.

    I work in digital arts, so for my first 50+ days of reboot I buried myself into a personal art project that was just for me - not for work or for any client. It was a healthy escape and really helped keep my spirits not only up, but soaring!

    I would recommend you get into something that has the element of progression to it. In other words, something you can always improve on. Watching tv or playing videos games lacks that progressive element and that's why you get bored. Try doing something that gets you out of the house. Go take 100 pictures today with your phone. You'd be surprised how quickly you can learn to enjoy photography. There are unlimited things to do and enjoy. Force yourself out of your comfort bubble and the hobbies will come to you. Good luck!
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    I used to practice bjj, short years ago. Great experience I had, especially when I sparred couple of times. But I couldn't continue anymore. I'm more of a striker/stand-up fighter, but still, great times.
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  10. Cuポ

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    I think that reading is the best way to find something new.
    Any kind of book, any topic. This is what I do when I have a break from the academy. It's interesting, oddly fun and useful.
    As for me, academy and conservatory fill my days, while I spend my free time drawing, playing guitar, reading again, and playing when I can.
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    My short hobbies are listening to music, playing guitar a little, training at the gym and martial arts.

    I honestly have more passion on pushing myself to the limits when it comes to training martial arts. It helps my mind to concentrate and to fight urges. Since it's now January, I say I've began to be obsessed with martial arts, six years ago (back in 2011). I thought it was a cool thing to do, and I say to myself: "Why don't I do this everyday?". So I started on my own, I never told anyone at highschool about it. As times were passing, I learned taekwon-do, muay thai, capoeira, boxing, later bjj. Great experiences I've ever had.

    Right now, I'm a black belt in the taekwon-do ITF, since 2013. This upcoming summer, I'm gonna be competing for the first time, at the pan american martial art tournament, in the country of Argentina. It's been one of my dreams to be on the big league. I can't let this big opportunity pass by. And later on, I want to start a professional career as a kickboxer and stuntman. That's why I'm too busy pushing myself forward to become the better person than I was.

    I don't call 'em 'hobbies'
    I call 'em professions

    Excuse my grammar.
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  13. Kman20

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    Hmm I used to read books just because I wanted to learn about things. Maybe I'll do it again but I haven't seen any book that I've been interested in or on anything that I want to learn. As of now I spend my time looking for music and drawing too. Feels kind of productive, better than what I used to do when I was bored.
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  14. Styrkelyft

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    Since i stopped playing video games every day i picked up on playing the piano 1½ years ago. I've gone through a beginners course and had some practice with a teacher, turns out its super hard to find someone to play with in my city and 1v1 lessons are fairly expensive on a students budget. Why i chose this instrument is because when i was 10 or so we had optional Music Courses to attend and i wanted to learn to play the keyboard although it was so badly managed they never taught us anything. Super fun now though!

    Also been working out at the gym since 18 when my self esteem was super bad which is 7½ years ago now. 2 years ago i started doing powerlifting and done some competitions there.

    Took motorcycle license 2 years back aswell, love to take touring rides down Europé when its possible again and it gets a bit warmer :)

    This dont fill my days though, my friends talking about trying out some MMA, i think it would do me good aswell trying as i get really bored sometimes. I am the biggest wimp and too nice in alot of situations i think it would do me good, although i would rather do something that doesnt involve the wrestling part. Hmm..
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  15. I Free I

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    * Producing Music
    * Playing Softball (Baseball) , Basketball , And Running (Gym).
    * Reading
    * Writing Poetry
    * Counseling Others (Giving advice,Listening to others,etc.)

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