Zinc and urges , any connection?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by David stone, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. David stone

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    Hello fellas, i m a bit ashamed, i feel like a fraud. My last post was about how i am healed and stuff, but i have to confess in the past few days i watched some porn. Dont know why, really ...it was so intoxicating. I did not masturbate tho... but it got me v excited.

    So old patterns comming back dont know if it has any connection with some Ca-Mg-Zn supplement that i also started to take a few days ago.

    I remember myself that i got far and i should never fall again to that pity behavior of pmo.
  2. Vulkan

    Vulkan Fapstronaut

    I read zink can increase sperm volume and testosterone, so maybe you had slightly stronger urges these days.
    But such a supplement may have benefits, if you feel good with it and can control urges now, then fine.
  3. learning

    learning Fapstronaut

    Try some licorice root extract or tea. It reduces your libido, but you should not use too much. It can cause health problems.

    Another one is chaste tree extract. I have some that I have not tried yet. The problem with chaste tree is that it can reduce your sperm count and even shrink your testicles. I lost my nerve after I read about shrunken testicles LOL. (I guess I shouldn't care since I'm not likely to ever have children, but still...)

    But licorice root is pretty safe and mildly reduces libido.
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  4. Low

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    when i take zinc my urges sky rocket.
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  5. Mridzzz

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    Yeah ikr whenever I take zinc I'm always thinking about sex.

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