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No he encontrado un grupo de santos de los ultimos días en español pero intentare comunicarme en ingles aquí.

Mi historia: Tengo 28 años, misionero retornado, sellado en el templo con mi amada esposa y padre de dos hermosos hijos. He tenido desde mi juventud problemas con PMO eventualmente, pero estos ultimos años ha sido más dificil, en promedio recaigo una vez a la semana, el resto de los días me encuentro bien, aunque esto no domina mi vida diaría si me hace indigno y odio tanto tener esta debilidad y cometer estos actos. Hablé con mi presidente de estaca hace seis meses y me sugirió varias cosas. Todavía estoy luchando. Hoy escribo aquí como inicio de un nuevo ciclo en mi vida, espero hacer amigos para apoyarnos y compartir una historia de exito para animar a los demás.


I have not found a group of saints of the last days in Spanish but I will try to communicate in English here.

My story: I am 28 years old, a returned missionary, sealed in the temple with my beloved wife and father of two beautiful children. I have had problems with PMO since my youth, but these last years have been harder, on average I relay once a week, the rest of the days I feel fine, although this does not dominate my daily life if it makes me unworthy and hate both have this weakness and commit these acts. I spoke with my stake president six months ago and suggested several things to me. However, I am always fighting. Today I write here as the start of a new cycle in my life, I hope to make friends to support us and share a success story to encourage others.

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Welcome to nofap. It can be a great resource. It has helped me transition from repeating to recovering.
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I just want you to know that you are a great guy. PMO is not a godlike thing, but the many other good things you do are. Don’t buy into the “it invalidates the acts of discipleship I do do” mindset.
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