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After hitting a 40+ day streak I've been relapsing daily for the last two weeks. Today is the first time I have felt strong enough to start again. I want to thank those of you who have had me in your thoughts the ones who invited me on the You Version bible app to participate in devotionals. It felt good to see someone cared. Part 2 of the Ninety series by pastor Andy Stanley made a point that struck a cord with me and could help others, that when we are selfish and do everything for us we lose ourselves. In being selfless and praying, thinking of, and doing for others we grow and become memorable. Think of the ones you want to better yourself for.
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Tao Jones
The best possible day to turn back to Christ is TODAY. I'll see along the way. Praying for you and cheering you on. You know what freedom tastes like, and you know how to get to it. Once more, into the breach. :)
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Well, hopefully you got a lot of it out of your system and can start fresh and keep it going. Hopefully you learned something from this experience and what you said rang true. Think of the people you want to better yourself for. Family, friends, APs, a potential love interest(nothing naughty, a potential gf/wife)
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