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Start of day 18. The long weekend was good, kept busy with projects around the house, never had the desire for P. Friday night was my 5yr wedding anniversary so we had supper and saw a movie and made love which was fantastic, even my wife said that she felt more intimate with me since I started this challenge. Then Monday night I made a mistake... I started scrolling through Instagram, and inevitably saw half naked women... and I lingered too long, and a spark was lit. Yesterday it was on my mind so I scrolled through again while on break at work and actively sought out those pics... that was a mistake too! Needless to say yesterday was a major challenge because then I really wanted to watch P and O, so it took my best friend, and my pastor (in close conversation on facebook), and my wife staying near to me all evening to be able to go to bed without relapsing. Today will be another challenge as I already know how hard it is for me to look at those pics and not M... but I'm reading through Proverbs, and drawing strength from his words. Good luck today men.
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Delirious 1 2018
it's such a blessing to have those 3 in your corner helping you succeed! Praying for you, brother!
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