100 things to do instead of PMO

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  1. I use ever accountable to keep myself accountable with a friend and they just sent me this little gem. Here is the first 7 things they say to do instead of looking at prawn.

    There are so many things you can do instead of looking at porn, and I can bet any one of them is going to be more rewarding, giving you what you really want rather than a short-lived escape. So what are you waiting for?
    Shut down your device and…
    1. Go for a brisk walk. Is there anything a walk can’t help, even slightly?
    2. Go out for a cup of tea or coffee with a friend.
    3. Text or call a friend.
    4. Ask someone to hang out with you who you think you’d like to get to know better.
    5. Cook a good meal, for just you or for others. Maybe try out a new recipe!
    6. Write in a journal. Don’t have one? Get one. I purposefully avoid fancy journals because they intimidate me. Get a college-ruled notebook for $1, a pen, and you’re squared away. Try writing down what you’re thinking, feeling. Maybe write about what triggered you to look at pornography this time.
    7. Seek out your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, and be with them in this moment, whatever they’ re doing.
    If you found those interesting check out the blog that has 100!

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    Thank you for sharing this. I find organization and donation to be healthy pursuits. A steady routine of work also helps me help others rather than just myself.
    Thinking of myself less instead of thinking less of myself was key to understanding what I needed and who I needed to be. Of course, small acts of celebration help too; it helps to be a sweet tooth!
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