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    Hey guys,

    I’m both excited and stressed to start this journey of nofap. I’ve been trying to start nofap on and off for the past two years but it never really worked for me as I always relapsed. Now, actually as of twenty mins ago, I have a girlfriend! But I’m kinda anxious and stressed because I haven’t been able to get hard the past few times we’ve made out. I started nofap about a week or so ago (maybe 2 weeks now), but I’m really anxious for when the flatline hits and I can’t perform when the time comes. I love sex and want to have sex with her but I’m fearful for the first time we try and it (literally) doesn’t work. Any and all advice would be appreciated as I (somewhat mandatorily) start this program for a better life and sex life! Thank you!
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    Hey Ak000! Welcome to the community. I know what it's like to have a relationship as a motivating factor for quitting porn! It worked out really well for me for almost a year, I think. The combination of having a new relationship to bolster my self-confidence and not wanting to cheat on my girlfriend was a really powerful motivating factor for me, so take advantage of that! As you can guess, however, it didn't work forever. Once the excitement of the new relationship wore off, I didn't have the same positive reinforcement to continue to motivate me and the fear, guilt, and shame weren't enough to keep me away. I can't tell you what will work best for you (and to be honest, I haven't yet figured out the right combination for me), but I think I need both positive and negative incentives to quit porn. Furthermore, my positive incentive has to be something that is guaranteed to last. So my advice is to not just quit for her; quit for you and for the positive impact it will have on your life.
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