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    So yeah, I am 24 M and still carrying my V plates. I have a fairly good social life. But I am too disinterested/afraid of rejection to ever approach anyone in that way. I masturbate about 2-3 times a week. I live on my own, work 12 hr shifts which give me several days off so I spend a considerable time at home on my own just browsing through porn. If it is not porn, it's just aimless browsing. I have pretty much no muscle mass, I am skinny 170 cm tall and only weigh 53 kilos, although I do not consider myself ugly. I have had a gym membership since last two years, but I have not been even a single day. Not even one. Even with my work, I think I earn decent money for my age, but I have done nothing since last few years to better myself or get a promotion.So I am at that rock bottom where I know exactly what's wrong with me and how I can fix it, but I do not have the motivation to fix it.
    My aimless browsing has brought me to this website. Looking for suggestions from more successful people here to help me get out of this mess I have created. I am sincerely going to try 30 days without PMO. Any positive suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.
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    Hey man, welcome. I just joined too, and I've been finding this place to be very helpful.

    Some advice I could give you is that working out has actually helped me because I have something to focus on. I've been doing it 4-5 days a week and it can really help with urges. When you feel like watching porn try working out, or going for a run. If you don't want to travel to the gym there are many workouts you can do at home, I've found some good ones online. I find it gets rid of some testosterone and it can make you feel calm and in control. I'm very skinny myself and seeing improvements in my structure has definitely helped me with my overall state of mind and self-confidence.

    Best of luck to you in abstaining from porn! It can be very difficult but you can do it. I've already noticed improvements in my stress levels and it's only been a week!
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    Hey man! we can tell you all the comforting words and share you reading materials for you to try to initiate and do things that you wanted to do. but at the end of the day it all boils down to your actions. I think what you are doing is being over critical to yourself (you don't like mistakes and rejections), down playing your self (skinny, no muscle mass) and you are very afraid to go out of your comfort zone (12 hours shift and always at home). I've been through that road before, I always push for the ideals before making a move but trust me on this, you are MISSING A LOT!

    Instead of focusing on avoiding mistakes and rejection, focus on the good things that might happen to you. Also there are times when thinking of what might happen will do no good for you. If you think you cannot do it, I certainly disagree with you.

    A perfect example: when you were a baby you stumbled a lot just to walk. When you were a kid you doodled ugly letters before you did it right. and the list goes on. The only difference is that you started thinking when you grew older.

    Anyway, I hope something from this site will give you a wake up call and the battle cry to go out of your comfort zone.
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