30 Day update (PIED, no libido, flaccid and depressed)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by petewete, Aug 22, 2017.

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    Hi guys. 30 days today and I must admit, it is encouraging. Just a little bit of a background. I am 36, watched porn everyday for 10 years and engaged in PMO atleast once a day if not more. The last year I had PIED and altho I tried noFap, I always relapsed. I had a streak of 5 days, 7 days and the longest was about 12 days. I started this journey 30 days ago and actually got serious this time because I was super frustrated. I was with a woman 30 days ago and hardly got erect while she was blowing me. It was embarrassing to say the least and felt like the tipping point. I had to change.

    30 days on and here are the things I have noticed:

    1. Day 1 to 24 were awful, completely flatlined. No libido, no desire for sex or a woman. Could not even get my penis to move. It was so soft and looked like it shrunk. Tried thinking of things that should turn me on and didnt feel a thing. It was extremely depressing but I am determined to cure this. I visited this site and reddit for motivation and all the stories of people with similar disorders gave me strength. For all of you going thru this, HANG IN THERE. Mentally, I felt a lot lot better. I could feel my brain getting clearer and clearer. Didn't feel superhuman or anything but I am more confident than I used too. I had days of high energy and then some super low energy as. Especially in the first two weeks.

    2. Day 24 to 25. So things started to get better around Day 24. Woke up with semi morning wood. It sounds bad but its progress. My penis was completely flaccid so this was a good sign and gave me A LOT of encouragement. Baby steps is what I told myself. I had semi morning wood on Day 25 as well but have not since. Tho my penis looks like its regaining strength.

    3. Day 26 to 30. The last 4 days have been interesting. I am getting aroused (without touching myself) when I fantasize a little. No rock hard boners or anything and it doesn't happen every time but its something and its very encouraging. I got a good boner two night ago and was tempted to MO for the first time. I didn't and ended up feeling blue balled. It was painful but I didn't give in. My sack still feels heavy like I should release.

    4. TODAY: Now heres where I am mentally. My brain is definitely thinking a lot clearer. I feel a lot better, energy levels are much higher. I feel more motivated and am no longer depressed. The progress is slow but to see results (even tho they are not that significant) is very encouraging and gives me hope. I am determined and will get thru this.

    I am not in a relationship but I have 4 girls that I talk too and have made out with, sexted and are waiting to have sex with me. (I am a decent looking guy with a nice personality, women have never been a problem). I have been avoiding them because I fear my PIED is still there. My goal is to be with all 4 of them hopefully within the next month.

    I hope this update helps some of you and encourages you to keep going. I am not cured yet but I see light at the end of the tunnel. If you guys have any comments, questions or encouragement, please do not hesitate to reply.
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    This is very encouraging that you are a month in. It's been 27 days for me now without masturbation or sex and it's really difficult for me as I have been really used to masturbating daily. Last night I got tempted to look at porn but luckily I didn't masturbate. I try to distract myself by playing games on my phone (I know it's lame) but I'm afraid it might not work anymore.
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    Doing strength training like lifting heavy weights and Sprint Interval Training greatly increases your testosterone and sex drive, even on the short term, you could try that. It also makes good use of your sexual energy that previously got wasted on porn and fapping
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    Cool. I will definite do that. Thanks. :)
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    . Today is my 16th day of no porn. No youtube no music videos. No fantasy. Today i was alone in the house so i knew i wud Mess up. So quickly in shower during bath i masturbated with no porn no fantasy in like 30 seconds becoz testis were feeling very heavy. I feel good. No guilt. No urge for porn. Keep coming on forums to read and write. U will be fine. God bless and help us all.

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