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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by 19conquer, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. 19conquer

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    So I told myself I would put a photo on my avatar when I got to 30 Days as a reward. It's I badass lookin wolf :p I thought it was fitting since I feel like a wolf. Hunting my dreams. I've been adopted into this pack of Fapstronauts and I'm getting better. I attended a self defense class, and I'm returning next week for another. I'm stretching every day, focusing on my school work. Yesterday I spent legitimately 7 hours doing focused work with about 5 small 10 minute breaks in between. (With the help of binuaral beats) If you haven't reached 30 days yet, I really do hope you push through. Once you get through the 1/3 mark, you'll feel like you have a fighting chance to accomplish an official reboot.
  2. Astro Balthus

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    nice! please tell us about more of your 30 days exp.. i hope i could push to 30 days too.. having a hard time these past weeks to have a streak again
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  3. congrats on your streak, i wish i have 30 days too,keep going strong ! what is your motivation?
  4. Wiwilliam

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    Congrats! I posted my success Story couple weeks ago and I know how tha feels :)! Keep going brother.
  5. Somanyashes

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    30-days is amazing. Grats!
  6. DfarmC

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    Congratulations! Proud of you! I'm on day 28. If I make 30 days, it will be my first 30 days ever. Keep going
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  8. inutterclarity

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    Congratulations! That's a fantastic idea. I'll give myself the same reward and will put up a profile picture when I reach 30 days! (4 days from now.)
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  9. 19conquer

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    Yeah Ill make another post about my experience in greater detail. In my experience, its just getting hyped about all the good that I can use my time for. My marks have sky rocketed in school so I guess just looking for the pros about NoFap instead of thinking too long about sex and feeling good. But like I said theres much more thoughts that keep me going so Ill make another post soon
  10. 19conquer

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    Hey Thanks! Yeah it was actually surprisingly rewarding for me haha XD Youre almost there! For people like me, Im very reward driven so its fun to come up with new ideas to get motivation.
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  11. 19conquer

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    Hey thank you! Only seven days left for you! Thats remarkable. I bet you can do it. Im going to make another post soon about my experience of the first 30 days which will go into further depth about my motivation but basically the reason I started this challenge was so that I could use my time better.
  12. 19conquer

    19conquer Fapstronaut

    Thank you for the encouragement! It feels awesome doesn't it. I owe much of my success to this community :)
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  13. 19conquer

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    Thank You! Im quite impressed with myself actually haha
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  14. 19conquer

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    Only 2 days? No doubt you can do it then! How has your experience been so far? Thanks for the encouragement.
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  15. 19conquer

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    Thank you :)
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  16. RevisedRomeo

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  17. Awesome inspiring post thanks.
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  18. Casey54

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    Great post, thanks for sharing, gives us hope for the future on our own journeys!
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  19. 19conquer

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    You're Welcome! The 30 day mark comes surprisingly fast when you get into the rhythm of your new life. Get excited haha XD
  20. 19conquer

    19conquer Fapstronaut

    So happy to help! You owe this to yourself :)
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