30 Days!

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    Observations after 30:

    Increased sensitivity.
    regained feeling of sensation, even from just the touch of the fabric of my shorts. Erections are about 6 out 10 in strength. Morning wood is coming back but still not 100%, however with exercise i've been able to reach 90%.

    A lot more focus, energy and motivation for productive activity.
    I'm rediscovering my life purpose. All of my energy now is focused on improving my life and finding a partner to that i can release my seed. In the depth of my addiction, the ONLY thing i cared about was P.M.O. (my life was truly dedicated towards it). Now Without the mental fog of obsessing about porn, i am now forced to deal with real life issues.

    Urges: Ive always had urges despite having PIED, i thought it was odd, because i couldn't get hard, yet i still had the hunger to M.O. the urges still exist today and it feels like a annoying little itch that i cant scratch. I'm still working on finding a way to suppress it.

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