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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Hey @artifact and all members of this group. I'm signing off from this group for 2019 and going to say goodbye to the Nofap accountability community.

    Very thankful for everyone's comments and support during the time I've been a member of this group but its time for me to move on as I would prefer to be sitting with someone - man to man, or men with men each week to talk with others and pray in person as physical human beings. I have been more successful with my purity outside Nofap and trust that God will provide some accountability with some men from church. Not to put a damper on Nofap as I trust many of you are benefiting from this means of accountability.

    God bless you all and I hope everyone gets a restored heart whether you are single or married, that is emptied of lust and replaced with the Love of our Saviour - Jesus Christ, that you can always see women as Christ sees them - daughters of the Lord with honour and integrity, no matter if they are pure themselves, sex trafficked, prostitutes and or p***stars. Matthew 5:28

    I will delete my account tomorrow incase anyone replies. Blessings.
  2. discovery

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    Best of luck to you man! I hope you have a happy and successful 2020, and every year after that.
  3. Thanks for the heads up and for being part of the group.
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  4. Wolf2019

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    God bless you in your journey. I hope He brings alongside you the men who can mentor and encourage you, as well as those who will benefit from your wisdom and example.
  5. I'll see what I can come up with.
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  6. @alpha.buddy - congrats on your 30 days! Good job, buddy.
  7. @Freeman82 we have an opening for you in the group! Reply to this comment if you are still interested in joining.
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  8. I have read the rules and would like to join this group
  9. The group is currently full but I can add you to the waiting list if you like.
  10. Circleinthesquare

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    Happy New Year all and new start for me!
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  11. bold0101

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    Happy New Year! I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions, because as a longtime gym goer (though I've struggled with this since I hurt my back), I see resolutions get wiped out within a couple months, weeks, sometimes days. They're all the same: the immediate fire like kindling burning hot, to trying to stay with it, to burning out which usually leads to quitting. The one's that stick with it usually struggle and understand the hard road that is ahead. Instead of burning out quickly, they get energized as it gets better.

    It's no different with this. I wish I could say I'm at a point where it gets easier, but I know it will. Yesterday was a HUGE victory for me because I came so close, and said I'm not going there. Usually at that point I'm gone. That ENERGIZED me. I could actually feel Jesus smiling, sounds crazy I know. But that's what He wants, is me to seek Him, not selfishness.

    All that being said, if it's your goal to not watch porn in 2020, I'm with you! Just know it's going to be a hard road, but it will get easier. Happy New Year my friends!
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  12. Wolf2019

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    Happy 2020 to all!
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    NICEDUDE Fapstronaut

    Checking in..."With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts"!
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  14. alpha.buddy

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    Cool pic man!
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  15. Rebooter13

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    Happy new year to all of you and your families guys!
    I wish much luck , success , health and a lot of nofap days!
  16. Yes, thank you. Good to be back.
  17. Timber

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    Congrats on not giving in! That is indeed huge!

    your comment about Jesus smiling reminded me of one point made in a book by Dostoyevsky (brothers karamazov, I think). In the book, a peasant crosses herself when she sees her baby smile for the first time. When asked why she showed a display of piety, she said that the feeling a mother gets from seeing the baby smile for the first time is the feeling God gets when we make a first step in the right direction.

    I love it and I do believe that when we make concrete steps to rid ourselves from this vile thing, something more than just neurone re-wiring takes place. Something deeper and more important.

    I wish us all perseverance and wisdom in 2020!
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  18. JJ_Kino

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    Feeling happy 18 days in. Hope can keep it going.
  19. AEC Josh2415

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  20. persona2903

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    God bless you and guide your steps in this 2020. I hope you find a good brother and mentor to strengthen you and overcome all temptation.

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