90 day bet challenge

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    I have stayed for 30 days, I stayed even for 40, but last time was only 8.
    I've just relapsed and am ready to tale the ultimate challenge.

    So just to give myself motivation, I will be doing it with you guys and placong a bet on the table, each one will have his personal bet. My bet is that if I make the 90 days, I'll be treating myself to some nice over the top premium ice cream. If I fail, I will prevent myself from watching YouTube, and playing videogames for the time left till the 90 days. So if I stopped for 89 days, I'll only be doing that "punishment" for 1 day; if I only stop for 30 days, the "punishment" will be for 60 days and so on.
    If you want an easy way to count the days, just get a pen and paper and write a line each day till you complete the fifth so you do an angled line, just like they do in prison to count how many days they've been there.
    Good luck, and wish me the best!

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