a little help guys....

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should i fuck her?

  1. yea, go crazy on that

  2. nah, just get top and leave

  3. dont do it, you got morals

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  1. 7evenreasons

    7evenreasons Fapstronaut

    yea so I haven't been jerking off to porn or masturbating ever since 2 weeks ago. this is my 13th day in and this girl that I like said that we can fuck. (she's white and I'm black soo.....) this Saturday. but my morals and will are blocking me, but my sexual appetite can go CRAZY. guys, can you tell me what to do?
  2. You are in the stage of life where you need to learn self-control and mastery over your bodily urges. You would be best served to steer clear of physical involvement with anyone. It sounds like your will and your morals are also suggesting the same to you.

    If you can learn self-control now and practice it consistently as a young man, you will become the kind of adult man who will make an excellent husband and partner. If you do not, you will become just another self-indulgent chump. We already have plenty of chumps, but there is quite a need for real men. I hope you will choose wisely.

    REAL men Reject passivity, Expect the greater reward (i.e., Eschew instant gratification), Accept responsibility, and Lead courageously. I hope you will consider becoming one. I am wishing you the best and cheering you on!
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  3. Calidaho

    Calidaho Fapstronaut

    I second Tao Jones. It might seem like a wasted opportunity to get some right now, but in the future you won't miss it. You'll be all the better for having not done it.
  4. marioa

    marioa Banned for Spam

    Remember that "A human being can live without sex but can NOT live without food". Sex is not necessary to survive. It's OPTIONAL you don't have to do it and should not. BTW This is a great opportunity to learn self-control.
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  5. The Lone Ranger

    The Lone Ranger Fapstronaut

    I think that’s your answer right there
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