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use ur net on 3g for a day and answer - do u feel less urges when using net on 3g instead of 4g ?

  1. less urges when using 3g internet

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  2. no difference

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  1. weird observation - every time i switch from 4g to 3g, the desire to watch porn while on the internet decreases considerably.
    and when using 4g internet there seem to be a significantly higher intensity of urges.
    anybody else feel that ?
    i think the 4g radiation might somehow increase urges by increasing activity in certain brain areas or maybe because it decreases activity in prefrontal lobes (which are responsible for self control ). its just a hypothesis to explain my very real observation on self.
    also it must be noted down that 3g emits much less radiation than 4g (or even 2g).
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    "What the fuck."
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  3. 88991s

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    In my case 2g or 3g(slow network coverage) never discoraged me to stop masturbating furiously. I believe that urges are urges , intensity of these urges does not matter. If you have urges you have a choice to give in or keep persisting. Slow network coverage is not a cure to PMO(I believe). So, I think you should let go of the belief that "3g (slow internet)is going to help me solve my problems". Correct me if I m worng :). keep persisting.
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    This makes absolutely no sense at all. The only difference between 3G and 4G is the speed rate of mbps. Would this mean that my 5G phone makes me even more hypersexual? Of course not. Once again.. 5G is just faster than 4G. Example..if someone has urges and they have 3G.. they will make it work for them to PMO if they aren't disciplined; counterwise if someone has 5G (me) I will make not using PMO work for me, since I do not lack discipline.

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